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Virtual Console (9.1.08 by Qeomash) It's been a long time since any bit of news acutally shocked me. Years ago we started a remake petition to get Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. We begged, pleaded, and grovelled for a GBA release.

Yet, Nintendo and Square(Enix) still could not come to terms with each other to get anything done.

...but it finally happened. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is now available for download from the Wii Virtual Console for 800 points.

And, wow...two years since an update here. Sorry about that. I'll update again soon, there are still some problems with Dr. Topper, the secret page, and my inability to respond to some more recent e-mail sent to me. I'll get on that within the next few days, if I'm not too busy playing SMRPG again...and again...and again...

10 Years of Super Mario RPG (5.13.06 by Qeomash)
I got in late last night (actually, early this moring...) and it has taken me a bit to find the parts to my computer. Next, though, is my Super Nintendo to all for a celebration of great things...

10 years ago today, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was released both in Japan and the US. Celebrate today by pulling out your old copy (or *gasp* your ROM...) and playing a few hours in one of the greatest games for the Super Nintendo!

I have plans to update the banner, probably later tonight, with a few new graphics to celebrate

*Insert SMRPG Victory Theme* (3.23.06 by Qeomash)
Well, here we are in the world of PHP. Huh? You don't notice a difference? Then, that's good! Beyond the behind the scenes restructure of the entire site's code, I also redid a few things:

  • Eliminated the Goodies section. All of its contents are now distributed between the SMRPG & PM sections.
  • Removed the M&L section. After all, all it had was game info.
  • Added new scans of SMRPG box, PM box, SMRPG soundtrack and PM soundtrack.
  • Corrected random incorrect statements. (Namely every reference to Culex in FFII)
  • Rewrote my description of images in the P-Files (now Prerelease Images) sections under both games.
  • Added a new feature in the SMRPG Prerelease Images section.
  • Cleaned up files on the server. (Not that you care, but I bet Gamespy does.)
  • Tweaked the link color scheme to be more SMRPG color themed.
  • Finally got the logo Secrets of the Seven Stars to look like the SMRPG logo.
  • Updated my contact info.
There were probably more changes, but I can't remember them right now. At the moment, Dr. Topper's Quiz is not working exactly correctly... And, as an effect of SOTSS's new PHPness, I plan to rework Quizmo to be more like he was in Paper Mario.

As for M&L, M&L2, and PM2 content...the chances are pretty low. I have yet to finish the original M&L (still!) and haven't even bought M&L2. Paper Mario 2, however, was a great game.

Finally, Revolution. If SMRPG does in fact appear in the "Virtual Console" download feature of the new system, I will be there to cover any changes they make to the game. Hopefully see you again soon!

All is Well Again (2.28.06 by Qeomash)
All right...I finally have regained access to SOTSS. Changes are coming, including a restructuring of the site on the code side and on the placement of the pages. And...the future is bright for Super Mario RPG. More on that soon.

In the meantime, however, I have fixed the broken links on the Soundtracks pages.

Good News, Everyone (10.5.05 by Qeomash)
Word has reached me from my sources over at NintenDomain that the new Mario Basketball game in development is actually a product of the teams at a very well known firm: Square-Enix.

So, what could this mean? As it seems Nintendo and Square are on speaking terms again, this is very good news towards a remake of Super Mario RPG. Or, at the least, we will probably see Super Mario RPG in the games availabe for download on Nintendo's Revolution.


It's Impossible! (2.23.05 by Qeomash)
Yes...I am actually changing something on the site...

I've gotten many e-mails from those still intersted in the Chuck Quizmo quiz that the links aren't working. So, here we go...I have updated the Chuck Quizmo Quiz with links to every quiz directly. Simply click the link, and then click Quizmo.

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