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Qeomash - Owner & Webmaster

SOTSS was started on August 23, 2000 almost on a whim. After many sites I'd created on my computer were never completed or even put on the web, I decided to go with something I knew inside out. That thing was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. In the next few months after it's birth, I gathered information and created SOTSS in its entirety.

The site was finally put on the net on December 25, 2000. Using the web host, SOTSS was finally off the ground.

Even before Christmas of that year, I had been talking with Classic Gaming about possibly hosting SOTSS on their servers. Finally, they returned my e-mail and said that I could send it to them via .zip file. By that time, SOTSS was already on the web, so I told them to go try the old url, and take a look at it. They loved it.

So after a few weeks of e-mails bouncing back and forth, SOTSS has moved to possibly its final resting location. (The only reason I would ever move it is if Classic Gaming ever went down.)

At the beginning of April of 2001, I began to receive e-mails from people saying that some things didn't always work on all computers. So that, and a desire to have a faster loading webpage, provoked me to attempt a massive overhaul of SOTSS. Rather than go with the blue navbar/white webpage that also used the annoying frames feature of HTML, I went with a frameless, black background page that loaded about 10 times faster per page than the original SOTSS had.

The reconstruction was finished on May 8, and it took two weeks longer than I anticipated. But, it was still much better than before.

Since then, many small changes had been made. Including the implementation of SSI codes and different logos at the top of the page, SOTSS has continually become an ever-changing site.

That ever-changingness was apparent on 7.21.2001 when, without notice, I completely redid the site again. The second version of the site was black and dreary, and was beginning to become a miss-match of many different types of techniques. SSI codes were jury rigged into the site, SPAN codes were used in some locations, and the "features bar" was an SSI code piled on another SSI code, which was piled on another SSI code. So, I cleaned the site up, bringing it back to a bright future.

v3.0 soon became ANOTHER array of jury-rigged codes, everything from the remnants of v2.0 to Stylesheets literally stabbed into the HTML. So...v4.0 was hot on the first birthday's tail.

Around the site's second birthday, SOTSS version 5 was released. In this design, many things changed, and the focus was on a fast loading page rather than flashy. The navbar was moved to the right, and the backgrounds were all changed to white.

Later on, about mid-2003, I finally decided that the fast loading v5.0 wasn't very fast loading at all with its numerous table backgrounds. That, and the desire to move the navbar back over to the left side, I created SOTSS 6. Also in this new design I incorporated the full logos of each game for the first time since v1.

Soon after, however, it became apparent that v6 was not that popular. The main complaint is that it was too bland, too, well, white. So, I decided to go to a black background for the first time since v2. And, for the first time ever, I used a pattern background over the entire page, not just around it. As the site's name is "Secrets of the Seven Stars", I went with a star background to reflect this. The redesign also gave me opportunity to put Mario & Luigi characters into the top banner.

However, on August 8th, 2004, nearly four years after its conception, I closed SOTSS due to lack of time. Hoewver, that didn't last long, as it is now a year later and I am once again activly working on the site, perfecting what is already here. Wheither or not something new is coming remains to be seen, however...

As of December 2005, I began a project I'd long desired to do, which was convert Secrets of the Seven Stars from HTML to PHP enabled pages. If you're reading this, then that means I finished it.

A great many people have helped me on this site in its long existance. Here are their names:

Nick Erickson - Gave me my first and ONLY lesson in HTML.
My Brother - Refreshed my knowledge of HTML.
Ralph King - The one behind the plot to have me learn HTML.
William Cassidy - The head of ClassicGaming at the time I was taken on.
Purple of MNM - Gave me tips and a friend online. Helped promote SOTSS.
Deezer of TMK - Gave me a quality website to strive to live up to.
Nintendo - For creating Mario and publishing SMRPG, and so many other wonderful games.
Square-Enix - For develouping SMRPG, and for creating the RPG genre as we know it.
Mike Gantz - Introduced me to BBEdit and Transmit, my two most important webpage programs.
Super Mallow - For being a friend, enemy, and rival in the Super Mario RPG website world.

Do you want to her what I said after each year of SOTSS's existence?
First Birthday - 12.25.2001
Second Birthday - 12.25.2002
Third Birthday - 12.25.2003
Fourth Birthday - 12.25.2004 (SOTSS was closed at the time)
Fifth Birthday - 12.25.2005 (SOTSS was down at the time)

Secrets of the Seven Stars v7.5 is © 2000-2006 Jason Kemp.
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is © 1996 Nintendo and Square.
Paper Mario is © 2001 Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.
Mario & Luigi is © 2003 Nintendo and ALPHADREAM.
Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo Power are © Nintendo. All other names/titles are © their respective owners.
No money has been made from this site. Qeomash and SOTSS have no affiliation with Nintendo or any other mentioned company.

Before using any content from this site, please ask first and then give credit. (I almost always say yes.)