Another year gone! Surprisingly, I was able to hold back the urge to redesign SOTSS during a full year, knowing that I had done it four times in the site's first year of existance.

In version 5 I removed several things that I thought the site didn't need, including the Chat Room and the Guestbook.

I began the Paper Mario guide, but Metroid Prime burst into my life and put an end to that for this year. Perhaps I'll get to it before my Christmas break is over...

After many coding issues, I was finally able to get v5 online on the second birthday. I response to several people who used 56K modems (like myself), I created the page with speed in mind. I ditched backgrounds for the pages, and made the whole thing seem clean and dreamy. I even tried something new: moving the navbar to the right. I'd only done that with one site I'd ever made, and it felt kinda awkward.

Hmm...about the only thing that I plan to do this next year is to get the Paper Mario portion of the site finished and the petition removed...because, hopefully, Nintendo will have released SMRPG GBA by then.