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Punchinello is squashed and blown to smithereens, and you have returned Dyna and Mite to their home (and trashed a roof....).

Exit Ma and Pa's house and you'll be greeted by three sniffits. The sniffits are catching bugs for their master, Booster. Why isn't Booster catching them himself? Something about a Princess from the sky......

Once you can, leave town and head for Booster Pass.

Booster Pass
This area is without a doubt the shortest area in the game. For starters, talk to the second bush on the right. The go up and to the left and climb on top of the small bluff. Then, jump onto of the bush there and jump again for a hidden box. Then, jump down and avoid the spikesters and get onto the far right bluff and climb to its top.

On the top of that hill is another hidden box. From the path to the next area, go left and then up as far as you can, then back a wee bit. Jump for a Rock Candy (200 HP a pop!!!). Move on.

In this area, go around the bluff and grab the flower in the corner. On your way back, see the big gouge in the side of the hill? Run into it and then jump around until you find a secret switch. Run around and go up the now safe-to-tread ledge and go into the next area.

Booster Tower
All of Bowser's troops have run off, so now he's left to fend for himself. He sits there pouting about how much he misses his castle and how nice Booster's tower is...until Mario shows up.

The two reminisce for a moment, and then the "Princess from the sky" hears the voices below and cries out for help. Realizing that it's Toadstool, rush over to the door and attempt to get inside.

Finding it locked, turn around and go attempt to find another way inside---in the form of Bowser. After you join the Koopa Troop, take the tour of how to switch allies and then switch to Bowser in place of Mallow. Then give Bowser Mallow's Work Pants and a Wake Up Pin from your inventory. (You can give Mallow back the Think Pants, if you wish.)

After you've done that, go on inside and have a look around. Talk to the receptionist behind the desk and then give the guy a beating for a lowly 1 experience. (Or skip it, if you wish.) Dispose of all the Spookums on the first floor and then one on the balcony above. Then go into the next room (on the balcony). Make your way up the stairs, battling the Spookums if you want.

Trick: if you have a turbo controller, stand in the never ending flow of Spookums and set the controller to push "A" rapidly and then go to bed. (Make sure they can kill the troops with one hit without timed hits before doing this.) In the mourning you should be around level 30.

Get into the uppermost corner and then move onto the black space to your left. Jump to get a hidden box. Move on into the next room to meet Booster for the first time. And, the once warm and funhouse suddenly becomes darker and much more dangerous......

Follow the train and then go under the tracks and into the nitche on the wall to get a Flower Tab. Go through the door into the next room. (Switch Mallow back into your team and use his HP Rain to heal everyone, then use the Tab and any other Flowers you have and switch back to Bowser.) Make your way up the steep stairs and avoid the Rob-ombs (If you want, battle as usual) Once you're to the top, go in the first door. Now, see the floating box? Take a precision jump and try to drop down directly under it. You'll use the sea-saw below to bounce back up and get Mario's weapon until Seaside Town is complete! (Jump off the white corner block, not the black.) Equip the Masher to Mario immediately after you come to.

Make your way back up to the top and go through the second door this time.

Hit the big green switch, then move on. Go on up and go through the curtains for some reminiscing...Then move on through the next door. Take out the Spookums on the two platforms, then jump up to the next floor. Take out the next Spookum and then run and jump to next platform then jump up to the next floor. Avoid the bullets, and make your way to the door.

Get past the Rob-Ombs and enter the next room. Use the save point, and trudge on. In this memorial room, check the far right photo, the one just to the left of it, skip the one to the left and hit the next one, get the last one and then go right and get that one. The last one hides Booster, who will give you the "Elder Key" to use on the nearby locked door.

Jump up to alert the Chop to your presence and then have Bowser work his magic on it to turn it into his weapon. Equip the chop and then move on higher into the tower.

In this room, jump your way up and right then around and up to the top where you see a Thwomp on a teeter-totter. On the far right is a mushroom box for healing. Next, jump onto the other side to get a ride up to the top of the tower.

In the far left corner is a hidden box. From that corner, leap to the platform in the center where the Spookum is walking around in circles. Take him out and then jump to the yellow block. Jump up and avoid the one spinning in circles, then jump up and go as far as you can into the hole in the wall and jump.

Take the stairs up to the door above and jump ONLY in spaces with coins to reach the door to your left.

Get past the chops and go through the door to greet Booster again.

(What does that yellow block above do?) You'll find out about Booster's true intentions and then he retaliates to your possibility of being "Mario" and throws bombs down at you. Simply leave the room through the other door. In the next room, leap up the looooong staircase and go through the door. Get on the lowest yellow platform and sprint up to the top and jump up onto the floating treasure chest. Jump again to get a useful item. Then grab the chest you used as a stepping stool. Use the save point and run strait across to the lower corner of this room. Jump again for a Mushroom. Go into the next room and sprint across to the other doorway.

Visit the minigame page to find out how to win at the "Booster Curtain Game" After you win that (Or loose three times), Booster will open the door. Save, and follow him through the door.

Take out the three sniffits first, then concentrate your attacks on Booster. You skip this boss if you win the curtain game.

Attack Grate Guy with Normal attacks, and Knife Guy with any magic. I recommend using Bowser and Geno's normal attacks on Grate Guy, and Mario's Super Flame or Super Jump on Knife Guy. Eventually they will team up and attack with their magic, which can get powerful. Just continue with the same strategy. Just a couple of hits more with Super Flame and Knife Guy will be out, and you can then take on Grate with everyone's normal attacks. Grate Guy won't take much more until he's gone.

Booster Hill
Simply read the guide under the minigame guide to get through this area.

Go into the store/hotel and buy a Happy Shirt, Hand Gun, Whomp Glove, Happy Cape, and Happy Shell and equip them to their owners.

Then run up and enter the chapel...or try to.
Do you remember Raz and Raini from the Mushroom Kingdom? They're currently getting married in the chapel, but Booster rushes in and kicks everyone out. Talk to someone for the scene to unfold. Talk to the sniffits through the door to find out about the back entrance. And, it is not locked. To get to it, go around to the left while walking against the wall. On the backside of one of the walls is the entrance. You will soon find yourself in a storeroom above the kitchen. Go downstairs and then up the other stairs and you'll be in the lobby. Run over and greet the Sniffit, who immediately notices you to be Mario. He doesn't realize the full extent of his problems (including mental) until he asks you to help him get through the barricaded door. Do what he asks, and then use the save point once you're through.

Help Bowser and barge right into the room, you'll end up knocking over the Sniffits and taking out Toadstool too! In the ensuing game, grab the items from the Sniffits as fast as you can by talking to them, and retrieve the crown from atop Booster's head and talk to him. Your prize for being fast is pretty....nice.

Once you've gathered everyone're greeted by the most unexpected boss in the game:

Don't attack the Tortes, for they're invincible, just attack the cake. After awhile, it starts to move and then comes fully alive! The cooks run away in fear, and you're left to take on the cake. Attack the top part until all the candles are gone (use normal only), then the top explodes and you're left with the base. Use Mario's Super Jump to do major damage to the cake. Watch out for Sandstorm, for it scares your team into doing less damage than normal. (If you can, but 3 Fearless Pins before battle, that way you're protected).

Soon the cake will succumb, and Booster will save the day and eat it (yuck!).

With Princess in your team, stay in the normal room for a night to recover. In the mourning, jump up onto the bookcase to find a hidden box.

After that, run back to the Mushroom Kingdom and present her to the Chancelor in the castle. Then, proceed to Tadpole Pond and talk with Frogficious for a hit on where to go next.

Star Hill
Walk up to the large star and then go left to the other star. Talk to the strange grey flower to make it light up, then go through the keyhole in the star. After Geno explains the area to you, go up and talk to the star with the smile. You will receive a wish from Frogficious. Remember this, incase you come across some Cricket Jam. Talk to the two gray flowers to your left and upper right, then go down and to the left, then right to another gray flower. Go up to the next one, then left for the last one. Go through the star again.

Grab the flower in the lower left of the screen, then go left and up for another one. Then back to the first flower and then down to the next one. From the first one again, go right. The up until you can go to the right, then turn back down for the next one. Go strait up for the last one, then enter the star.

Grab the two flowers you see onscreen, then go straight up to the next one. Then, go up again for the easiest star in the game. No boss whatsoever!!!!! (Think of it as a gift for all the trouble with Booster and Co.)

You should now see another flower in the lower right of the screen. Grab it, then head to the bottom SE area (past the star) for the second to last. For the final of this area, go North East as far as you can. Go through the star, and you can congratulate yourself for getting this far.


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