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Main Stages
· Castle Peach
· Congo Jungle
· Hyrule Castle
· Planet Zebes
· Yoshi's Island
· Dream Land
· Sector Z
· Saffron City

Secret Stage
· Mushroom Kingdom

Other Stages
These stages are not accessible in the VS Mode.
· Metal
· Battlefield
· Final Destination

Main Stages
Castle Peach
Although this stage is relatively small, it is hard to actually knock out somebody from an arena. Located on the top corners of the arena are sloping wedges which prevent a person from being smashed out. In the middle of the arena there is a bumper that also stops an upward smashing attack (the bumper moves left and right, but you usually won't see it physically moving). On the bottom of the arena is a moving platform that moves left and right; however. A disadvantage to this arena is that you cannot grab on the sides of edges. This is an ideal course for beginners.
Congo Jungle
This arena comes from Donkey Kong Country on the Super NES. On the bottom of the arena there is a barrel used for coming back to the arena. But be careful, the barrel has a tendency to change direction and shoot you down out of the arena.
Hyrule Castle
A long arena from the Zelda games, this course is one of the best course for multiplayer battles. The only obstacle in this game is a tornado that comes every 30 seconds.
Planet Zebes
This arena comes from the original Metroid and Super Metriod game. At about every 30 seconds the acid at the bottom of the arena will come up and hit anybody in the way. When the acid comes up completely, there is only one platform that remains untouched, and that is the highest, center-most platform.
Yoshi's Island
This course comes from an N64 game, probably one starred by Yoshi. This level has three clouds to its side, one on the left and two on the right, which you can stand on. But don’t stand on too long, because the clouds will disappear. However, they do reappear again.
Dream Land
This little island is called Pupupu Land, where the pink marshmallow-like creature, Kirby, resides along with his friends. In the middle of the arena is Whispy Woods that blows heavy wind in one direction and then to another.
Sector Z
The second largest course in the game (Mushroom Kingdom is the largest), this arena takes place on Fox McCloud’s ship, the Great Fox, in an area called Sector Z. Occasionally, an arwing will appear and will either shoot across the screen or at a person. The blasts are pretty strong, so watch out (and Fox can reflect the attacks while Ness can absorb them).
Saffron City
This Pokémon stage comes from the Game Boy game, it has the most obstacles in it. In its box tower, there are 5 Pokémon that appear.
Razor Leaf
shoots out blasts of leaves
pops out and knocks out anybody in the way
comes out and either just goes back in the box or he shoots a blast of flame
Self Destruct
it comes out and explodes in a few seconds
Egg Throw
comes out to offers eggs; it is said if you touch the Chancey, something good will happen...(you get 5% of your life replenished)
Secret Stages
Mushroom Kingdom
This is the only secret arena of the game. Check the Secrets page for more info on how to aquire this level. This course, as you can see, is actually larger than it appears because the camera cannot view the whole arena in one picture. The stage has three pipes, two of which you can enter through. But be careful, Piranha Plants occasionally appear out of them. Sometimes, POW blocks appear at random places in the arena. Hitting one of them will send everyone touching the ground in the air; and if their damage is high enough, it just might knock them off... In the middle of the arena exists two platforms that hang by a rope and operate like a pulley system. If you’re on one and someone is on the other, then it should be kind of balanced (however, some characters weigh more than others).
There are a total of three pipes in this stage, two of which may be accessible for players. The pipes randomly take you to the two remaining pipes but never in the same pipe you entered. Although the pipes may seem like easy escape routes, however, they are guarded by the notorious Piranha plants, creatures that have dwelled in these kinds of pipes long when Mario started his career on the NES in Super Mario Bros. To avoid being biten by these pests, wait until they sink back into their pipe, or hit them with a strong attack to knock them out of there. Keep in mind once you knock one out, another will shortly take its place.
The POW block randomly appears throughout the fight. Once the POW block is hit (by another character), all the characters standing on the ground will be sent skywards - and if their damage is high enough, out of the arena.
These two platforms are found in the middle of the stage. The platforms operate similarly to a scale, such that an increased weight on one platform will cause it to go down while the other platform moves upward. If the platforms are not balanced after a while, the heavier platform will fall out of the stage followed shortly by the lighter one. After a few moments, though, both platforms will reappear.
Other Stages
This stage comes from the 1P Mode, where you fight Metal Mario. The stage is relatively small, probably the smallest in the game. However, this stage is not open in the VS Mode.
This stage also comes from the 1P Mode, where you fight the frame wires. The stage has three small platforms above the main stage. Like the Metal stage, this stage is not open in the VS Mode.
Final Destination
This stage comes from the final level in the 1P Mode, where you fight the Master Hand. This stage has no obstacle, platform, or any obstruction, an ideal place to fight the boss. Again, this stage is not open in the VS Mode.

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