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MGN review of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Back in July 12, 1987 Metal Gear was originally released on the MSX2 home computer system in Japan. July 12, 1987 something special happened, a legendary series was born. Now, 21 years later that statement couldn’t possibly be more underscored.

To put into words, the prowess this game has above any game that’s been released in the same genre to date; Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is without a doubt a bestowment of sheer perfection second to none. It is a technical achievement of unbridled attention to detail, scope and design. That coupled with masterful narrative and game play seamless into a cinematic performance that will draw you in for an experience once thought only found in the pages of books and the hearts and minds of movie makers.

Old Snake, now suffering the affects from aging is called back into action by his close friend Otacon and commander Roy Campbell. Liquid Ocelot has finally been located in the middle east and his plans must be stopped. This is to be Snakes’ final mission and it is ever more apparent this time around that his deteriorating body is taking a toll upon every action and situation that is presented to him throughout the game. The game play has been streamlined in comparison to MGS3 with the close-quarters-combat(CQC) and gunplay being ever more forgiving and congenial. The gunplay feels much improved and every weapon feels incredibly distinctive of each other inherit of any situation you are immersed in.

It should be no surprise to any MG fan of the linear level design, but at the same time the size and multiple variations of the tactical approach isn’t at all restrained yet you are given to choice of stealth fully navigating you way through a battlefield with the help of items such as your octo camo, and self controlling MK II which can temporarily immobilize enemy combatants’ or be used to scout ahead. With that said the A.I. is remarkably intuitive and will still inspect and expose areas that have been disturbed. If you decide to take the guns blazing approach the enemy A.I. will flank you in combat and use cover and other opportunities depending on the environment which amazingly will at times blind you with the tapestry of foliage and depth. Some of the new enemy’s such as the Gecko’s, frog units and the unmanned units really bring MGS4 into its own and bring a new challenge than the regular enemy soldier which can be PMC or Militia organizations depending on your actions in the game. Not new but very enjoyable are a few chase scenes you experience in various parts of the game all while fighting enemy’s trying to escape and survive. The boss battles in MGS4 are incredibly fun and in tradition not always straightforward and require you to not only fight the boss but other additional units whilst trying to figure out the weakness or event trigger to down your foe.

Kojima productions have definitively raised and set the bar as far as next gen graphics is concerned. The level of detail from weapons, characters, environment and design is abundant as well as ambitious in its delivery. MGS4 is quite possibly one of the most stunning games ever to be released on any system. Ok, I think you get the point now. Not to minimize the other very important part of this masterpiece is the sound department and MGS4 delivers in superb sound which just makes the whole mood and experience that much more advantageous. Voice acting and soundtrack are as good as you will see in any video game or movie for that matter and never pull you out of the experience but exactly the opposite to set the canvas for an epic venture.

All of this contributes to the amazing plot of MGS4. New and old characters are brought back to the Metal Gear universe with undaunting manifest. Without giving away any spoilers MGS4 does a good job of tying story lines up and brings a couple new ones to the forefront. You will not play another game with this much depth and dramatic storytelling that satisfies even the hardcore fan and still manages to please any gamer.

I haven’t really even scratched the surface with the all of the features and aspects within MGS4 but I hope you will share the emotional, powerful, and engaging experience I had playing through this game.

I can remember vividly the feeling I had when I beat Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation for the first time having stayed up all night while the sun rise which to this day I can hardly put into words or explain. I have not ever felt that again…

..until now.

MGN Site updates: New Domain, New sections and more!

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

MGN has new domain! Actually we have two with the other not working at the moment but soon it will. Start pointing your bookmarks to or ( coming soon - .net)


Nows the best time to register an account on the MGN BBS! Ever since we launched the new boards we have had a flood of topics as well as allot of the old community. Come in, talk Metal Gear and join one of the best Metal Gear communities on the net!


You want complete coverage? Plus all the media/details on Metal Gear Solid 4 or any game in the Metal Gear Series. Look no further. MGN plans on having one of the most complete and in depth Series section you will ever see on Metal Gear. The attention to detail and coverage here will be second to none and will always be continually updated in the coming weeks. Get a sneak peak and check out the already live Metal Gear Solid 4 section and prepare to make MGN your source for Metal Gear, period.

As always there is more to come. In the coming days/weeks/months prepared to be bombarded with constant updates content wise to MGN. I would also at this time like to thank all of you who have supported MGN in it’s comeback since the re-launch a few weeks ago. So far the response has been overwhelming to say the least. I am very pleased with where the site is going and cant wait to bring you whats in store for the future. Be sure to spread the work about MGN and hope you continue to support MGN and its efforts.

"The best is yet to come…"

- Leo

MGN Site updates: Metal Gear Solid 4 section is IRENE! BBS go!

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Click on the image to see the all new MGS4 section!

Site Updates!

I have been working on the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots section for quiet a few days now, and it’s still incomplete as far as official information goes until I can get my hands on the game on Tuesday at midnight and a fill in all the missing details. With that said there is allot up and it should give you a good Idea of how the other game sections will look and feel in the coming weeks when the content will be flooding in. The next major update to this section will come after I have played through Metal Gear Solid 4 and have a chance to collect all those important details as well as update the Media section drastically. Until then, head over the the Series section and click on Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and enjoy.


Be sure and check out the new BBS here at MGN. Loads of topics and lots of new changes including a nice selection of avatars to chose from. So get on register, and start posting!


New BBS Boards launch on MGN/Site news [MGN]

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Well I guess its time but after like 5 years ( o.O ) we have new boards. We will no longer support the old boards hosted at ForumPlanet and you will need to register on the new boards as they have no association with the ForumPlanet/IGN/GameSpy login’s. Now register on the new boards and post something already!

See you there! ^^


Also the Series section is up and running though none of the actual games sections are up yet, as that will be an on going process but I should have the MGS4 section up by the end of this week with many many updates coming.

Guess Who’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaack?!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Ok well sorta, The website is having its official "soft launch" so dont kill me if things aren’t completely working yet. The site will slowly but surely come back to its former self but I wanted to go ahead and do a "soft launch" to let everyone (all 5 of you left) know MGN is back. Yes the old site is still up at but for the love of god dont go there anymore.

Our new home is now For now the boards are still up at but we might be changing to phpbb boards depending on how big of a mess it will be to configure it or if you guys dont want we will stick with the old boards.

For now enjoy any and all updates surrounding the Metal Gear universe and give me your feedback cause I would love to hear it.

If anyone is interested in helping me with news postings for the site please email me at (serious inquiries only please)

peace - Leo