MGN Site updates: New Domain, New sections and more!

MGN has new domain! Actually we have two with the other not working at the moment but soon it will. Start pointing your bookmarks to or ( coming soon - .net)


Nows the best time to register an account on the MGN BBS! Ever since we launched the new boards we have had a flood of topics as well as allot of the old community. Come in, talk Metal Gear and join one of the best Metal Gear communities on the net!


You want complete coverage? Plus all the media/details on Metal Gear Solid 4 or any game in the Metal Gear Series. Look no further. MGN plans on having one of the most complete and in depth Series section you will ever see on Metal Gear. The attention to detail and coverage here will be second to none and will always be continually updated in the coming weeks. Get a sneak peak and check out the already live Metal Gear Solid 4 section and prepare to make MGN your source for Metal Gear, period.

As always there is more to come. In the coming days/weeks/months prepared to be bombarded with constant updates content wise to MGN. I would also at this time like to thank all of you who have supported MGN in it’s comeback since the re-launch a few weeks ago. So far the response has been overwhelming to say the least. I am very pleased with where the site is going and cant wait to bring you whats in store for the future. Be sure to spread the work about MGN and hope you continue to support MGN and its efforts.

"The best is yet to come…"

- Leo

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