Guess Who’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaack?!

Ok well sorta, The website is having its official "soft launch" so dont kill me if things aren’t completely working yet. The site will slowly but surely come back to its former self but I wanted to go ahead and do a "soft launch" to let everyone (all 5 of you left) know MGN is back. Yes the old site is still up at but for the love of god dont go there anymore.

Our new home is now For now the boards are still up at but we might be changing to phpbb boards depending on how big of a mess it will be to configure it or if you guys dont want we will stick with the old boards.

For now enjoy any and all updates surrounding the Metal Gear universe and give me your feedback cause I would love to hear it.

If anyone is interested in helping me with news postings for the site please email me at (serious inquiries only please)

peace - Leo

2 Responses to “Guess Who’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaack?!”

  1. Musashi Says:

    Hi Leo,
    Nice to see the new site. Nice colour scheme and not to busy - sweet.

  2. Vintersorg Says:

    Wonderful layout, Leo! I can’t help with site stuff but if you need a moderator for the forum, maybe I could lend a hand. Keep the coolness comin’. :)

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