Welcome to Mafia World

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Welcome to the weapons page. Mafia will contain the following weapons

M10 Revolver Colt 1911
S&W M 442 Airweight Revolver Pump Action Shotgun
Thompson 1927 Tommy Gun Sawnoff Shotgun
Baseball Bat Knife
S&W M27 Magnum Explosives
S&W Police Sniper Rifle

The Thompson 1927 (Tommy Gun)
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The craftsmanship and precision of the Thompson submachine gun has an unparalleled history.

Weight: 11 1/2 lbs.
Magazine: 30 Shot stick
Effective range: 1500m
Calibre: .45ACP

The Pump Action Shotgun
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The pump action Shotgun is a close range weapon that sprays a wide burst of Buckshot (small pellets). It is devastating at close range and can hold 6 shells before reloading is needed.

Magazine: 6 Shells
Effective range:

The 442 Revolver
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In 1899 Smith & Wesson developed the first .38 cal Revolvers. The 442 was a direct decendant of the early weapons of this era.

Weight: 15.0 Ounces
Magazine: None 5 Rounds
Effective range: Unknown
Calibre: .38 Special +P

The 27 Magnum
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The Model 27 Magnum is the handgun of choice for stopping power, it is just over 9" in length and holds 8 rounds. Probably the most powerful handgun in the world ;)

Weight: 4.0" - 42.0 oz. 6.5" - 45.0 oz.
Magazine: 8 Rounds
Effective range: Unknown
Calibre: .357 Magnum/ .38 S&W Special

The M10 Police Revolver
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Introduced as the .38 Hand Ejector in 1899, the S&W Military & Police line has been the choice of more law enforcement agencies and military units than any other revolver.

Weight: 36 oz.
Magazine: 6 Rounds
Effective range: Unknown
Calibre: .38 Special 4"

The Colt 1911

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Widely respected for its reliability and lethality but required its user to be well trained to make best use of its single action operation, in one form or another remained standard issue in US army for 88 years.

Weight: 1.14kg
Magazine: 7/8 rounds
Effective range: 25m
Calibre: 11.4mm

More Weapons will follow Soon