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Game Help

Need help playing Mafia? Post in our Single Player Help Forum with your problems. Free Ride (and it's "Extreme" counterpart) has its own forum dedicated to help - Free Ride and Free Ride Extreme Help Forum. You may also want to look around other threads to see if you question has already been answered, to save you having to wait for a reply.

Technical Issues
If it's technical help you're after, you can find aid in our Tech Support Forum. Again, it's worth checking out answered threads to find a response faster, but always feel free to make a new thread.

News Contribution
If there's a major article we have yet to cover, feel free to let us know, either by writing up the
article yourself, or just dropping us a line. Either way you will be credited in the news story. Send an email along to Jeevan for this purpose.

If you have any problems not covered above, send an email along to us.