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Meet The Wiseguys

The Characters in Mafia will be one of the greatest features of the game, altogether there will be 50 different characters but the main story line will be focused on 5 main characters. You can be forgiven if you think the characters look similar to the actors from "Goodfellas" one of the best Mafia pics ever made, it's obvious that this film had an impact on the modellers. Anyway lets meet the leading characters:

Tommy Angelo

This is the main characters of the game and is the role played by yourself in the single player game. Tommy is a cab driver who due to unforseen circumstances ends up working for the Mob. A nice guy who had a hard childhood he ends up doing all kinds of things for the mob that would make most of us cringe, however he does have a conscience which from time to time leads him in the opposite direction.


Norman is a tough Detective, a typical representative of a detective of American tough school who has a bit of a reputation as a lout, he dislikes everyone. Tommy is narrating his life story to Norman and it must be said that it isn't at all easy for him. which is probably how the game will be put together.

Don Salieri

Now if you look closely at Don you will notice he is the spitting image of Paul Cicero
from Goodfellas, (played by Paul Sorvino) nice work guys. He also plays the boss of a family, just as Paulie did in Goodfellas. He is a friendly guy who manages to keep his cool in most situations. It's business first friendship later, again this is exactly the same as paulie was in Goodfellas.


Now this guy is the spitting image of Tommy DeVito (played by Joe Pesci) from Goodfellas, his character is almost identical too. He is Tom's gang-leader. He is a smallish chap, full of energy. He is a choleric and sometimes behaves quite unpredictably. However, when he takes liking to somebody, he is the truest friend there can be and he can always be relied on - if he isn't busy causing you some trouble, that is. They came to like each other immediately, they are good friends, and work together quite often.


Now Sam is the spitting image of the character Jimmy Conway (played by Robert De Nero) from Goodfellas, again his character is almost identical. Another colleague of Tom's. He is a large and pleasant chap. He comes across as being a kindly sort of a man, with friendly smile. He is big, but in spite of his size, he is timid and little clumsy. He doesn't talk much. He often works with Tom and Pal, and they are good friends.