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23/12 Official Mafia Console Site Launches!
16/12 Mafia 2 in production
11/11 Patch 1.2 Released
23/09 Mafiaworld will continue
/06 Mafia Console - Confirmed
16/05 Mafia to "Hit" Next-Gen Consoles
03/04 Mafia Patch here at last
26/02 A Very nice looking MOD
25/02 New Webmaster Appointed
14/02 Webmaster Wanted
06/02 Poll result and a good old rant
23/01 The secret door in tunnel solved
The Informant

"Word on the street is that MafiaWorld is going to change completely this June, after the Don takes care of some unfinished businesses. Apparently there's a large forum update occurring sometime soon in anticipation of this and to keep the public pleased.

But remember, this is between me and you. Anyone else finds out, and you'll be sporting a nice new pair of concrete boots. And those are awfully unpleasant shoes to wear to go, let's say, swimming. Jou catch my drift?"

19th March 2004


Tuesday 11th November 2003

The official site for the Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox versions of Illusion Softworks' Mafia has now gone live. The well-designed Flash driven site contains unseen media of the upcoming games for both consoles, as well as further information on the ports. You can find the official site here.

We can now confirm that both versions will be available for purchase on 30th January 2004 in the United Kingdom, and 27th January 2003 in North America. Local availability may vary. Visit MafiaWorld when the English versions of the games ship for exclusive content on the ports.


Tuesday 16th December 2003

Computer and Videogames have exclusive confirmation that Mafia 2 is already in production, no deatails have been given as to the story line or possible release dates.

As soon as we get more information we will let you know.




"Yes, we're working on it," a public relations representative from Illusion Softworks' told Computer and Video Games earlier today. This welcome, and rather unexpected revelation was posted in an article entitled "Exclusive: Mafia 2 Confirmed" a few hours ago. No further details, other than the confirmation of Illusion Softworks commencing development to a Mafia sequel, were available. Mafia 2 (working title) will more than likely be published through the Gathering label, in line with the publishing methods announced for the upcoming console ports of the original game.

GameSpy MafiaWorld will let you know any more details as soon as they become available. You can view the full article here. Once you've read it over a couple of times, the suggested course of action is to boot up your copy of Mafia for preparation of what surely will become another monumental release in the gaming community. It looks like Mafia 2 is coming, and we couldn't be any more ready for it.

Computer and Video Games: "Mafia 2 Confirmed"
MafiaWorld News Article: "Mafia Console - Confirmed"
MafiaWorld News Article: "Mafia to "Hit" Next-Gen Consoles"



Tuesday 11th November 2003

Illusion Softworks earlier today released the European languages for the second Mafia patch. Although not as widely anticipated amongst the Mafia gaming community as the preceding patch, it is still welcomed warmly. You can grab the English version of the patch here or download other language releases, including the already released Czech version, below.

Please note that a full changelist for the patch is not currently available, but we'll keep you posted. You'll need a GameSpy ID to download the files, but obtaining one is both free and easy. Follow the instructions on the FilePlanet site if you do not have one.

Fileplanet: English 1.2 Patch Download (17.3 MB)
Fileplanet: French 1.2 Patch Download (17.3 MB)
Fileplanet: German 1.2 Patch Download (17.3 MB)
Fileplanet: Czech 1.2 Patch Download (17.3 MB)


Tuesday 23rd September 2003

Some of you may have noticed that the site has been up and down over the last few weeks and has never been updated since May. Mind you there has not been much news to post so thats hardly suprising.

Anyway I just thought I would drop in to say that things are going to improve, especially on the forums. I would expect that we will be appointing new moderators over the next few weeks. Please don't email me asking to be a mod, they will be picked on merit according to their past performance on the forums.

Site Executive

Thursday 5th June 2003
In a press release yesterday, Gathering (otherwise known as Gathering of Developers, a Take-Two wholly owned subsidiary publishing label after its acquirement in May 2000) confirmed that Mafia, the hit PC action game, will be making its way to the Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft XBOX this Fall.

Following on from our previous article, Mafia will be ported over as fully as possible, creating a unique gaming experience for those already familiar with the PC version. No word on a Nintendo GameCube version, nor on any improvements, but there's still a ways to go before the title hits stores. As usual stay on GameSpy MafiaWorld for the latest news on the console conversions of Mafia.

Official Gathering Press Release



Mafia to "Hit" Next-Gen Consoles
Thursday 15th May 2003

It's announced. Today, at the largest annual entertainment industry exposition in the world, E3, Gotham Games unveiled Illusion Softworks' Mafia for the Sony PlayStation 2, and hinted at Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft XBOX versions.

Talk of console versions of the game has been mentioned before, however what is most interesting is Illusion Softworks' plans to totally port as much as the original PC code as they can over to the three systems. This will mean, aside from smaller tweaks to suit each consoles' individual limitations and power, you will be essentially playing the exact same game on your console that you will on your PC - a feat that can surely guarantee the game's success if pulled off properly.

A slated fourth-quarter release of this year has been put forth, however that may be pushed back to January next if porting issues arise. We'll keep you posted.


Mafia Patch here at last
Thursday 3rd April 2003

Well after a nine month wait and much speculation the Mafia patch has finally arrived, it was rumoured that it would include Multiplayer support but this was later quashed. We also heard that the patch would include a special surprise or bonus, well this has also been quashed, so what exactly does the patch do, well here is the short list:

  • >Speaker selection fix in the Mafia Setup
    >Matrox Parhelia surround gaming support
    >FSAA autodetection fix for new ATI cards
    >ATI Radeon compatibility fix
    >On Board Sound Card compatibility fix
    >Fixed Force Feedback compatibility fix with FF peripherals
    >Racing mission difficulty decreased
    >Overall performance fixes
    >Problems playing the intro movies

You can get the patch from Take 2 in either English, German and French it weighs in at 17mb

Thanks to Dave Feltham for the heads up.

Site Executive

A very nice looking MOD
Wednesday 26th February 2003

At last a MOD has been released that actually looks and sounds good, as you know we don't usualy post MOD news as I have not yet found one worthy of a mention, all that is about to change. Zdenek Polach from Bonusweb mailed me regarding the new Bluedream MOD, it's features include:

  • More than 700 different textures
  • 90 new sounds (new music included too)
  • Many completely new models.

After installing BlueDream, the Lost Heaven city will look like a modern city in 90 fashion style: glassed-in buildings, todays cars, shops, and - of course - music. Thats mean modernized roar of cars, guns and police sirens too.

You can grab Bluedream MOD from Bonusweb


New Webmaster Appointed
Tuesday 25th February 2003

After much consideration we put it to the vote and have decided to appoint Jeevan as the new Mafia World webmaster. I am arranging for the transfer to take place next week, I wish him well with his new role and I am sure he will do a good job.

Commiseration to the other applicants, most of them had impressive CV's, thanks again for applying.


Webmaster Wanted
Friday 14th February 2003

I am leaving the site next week as I am not really interested in Mafia anymore since the exclusion of Multiplayer and therefore I am not really dedicated to the game. So if you want to become the new webmaster of this site please send your applications to me stating your experience and reasons why you would like the job. Applicants must be able to edit HTML and also have a passion for the game. No time wasters please! Needless to say this job does not pay a wage, you do it for the pleasure.

I can't see their being much work to do over the coming years except answering endless emails about why this game does not work and when is the patch coming out. ;)


Poll Result and a good old rant!
Thursday 6th February 2003

Here are the final results of our Patch poll:

Does your Mafia Game need a patch to fix bugs?
Yes it has problems 64.7%
No it runs fine 35.3%

So there you have it, the vast majority of the people that paid for this game require a patch in order for it to work properly.

Have Take2 officially announced that a patch will be released? Answer is NO.
Is a patch being released? Well from what we hear from unofficial sources YES.
Is this acceptable communication to the thousands of people who paid good money for this game and are now begging for technical support? NO

A simple press release saying a patch is coming is all that's needed, 99% of other software houses can make this statement, why not Take2?

I am answering mails every day from people asking about a patch and why this game does not work, we are just a fan site and although we have a fantastic community that are helping each other solve problems, some of them are simply unworkable. Take2 are not legally obliged to release a patch, but if they start supporting the people that buy their products, then just maybe they will stop people avoiding the Take2 label on the shelf in future.

Comment on this in our News Forum


The secret door in tunnel solved.
Thursday 23rd January 2003

First the bad news, no casino, no multiplayer. How to get the door in the tunnel to open, in FRE start next to the tunnel beneath the cave (end of tracks South of Salieri's warehouse) facing back into town. Get onto the road and turn South (left), take the second right, just before the parking sign on the map.

A little way down on the right hand side is an ironmongers shop set back off the road, get out and click on the door when you see the action button icon appear, nothing will happen. Go back and walk into the tunnel (park a car next to the bank, jump onto the bonnet then up the bank, lower yourself carefully down the wall inside the barriers and walk along the right hand wall until another action icon appears, click it and a hidden door will open leading into a tunnel which goes to the cave.

News Editor

Is the Casino real or just a hoax
Sunday 12th January 2003

We have continually said that the infamous casino level does not exist, but Antares (from our forums) found this excellent pic of what is Tommy in a Casino in Mafia. The pic looks like the whore house level but the room is full of gamblers and game tables.

Discuss this on our News Forum


Savegame and Trainer available
Thursday 9th January 2003

We eventually have our downloads active again, we have added 2 savegame files, one that gets you just past the race and one that has every mission complete, you can grab them here.

We have also added the +19 trainer, it gives you all the weapons and unlimited Health, Fuel, Time, Ammo and a host of other goodies, you can grab that here.


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