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Mafia will feature over 60 cars, all of them driveable. Most of the cars will be presented in a variety of models: coupe, sedan, cabriolet, and speedster. We were privileged to watch the cars in Mafia drive around the city, and we can tell you it looked very easy to control and the game ran very smoothly.

The cars handle very realistically, this mean that most will have a high centre of gravity, so gently does it around those bends. Quote from Illusion softworks:

"We are taking into consideration the real parameters of vehicles when calculating their reactions and behaviour: maximum speed, acceleration, maximum revolutions and
output, gear and valve ratios, the mass and its distribution on to the axles, the type of suspension, friction coefficient, etc."

Don't be mistaken you can go fast around the city, just don't expect it to handle like
"Need for speed 3"

The body work on the vehicles is a major step forward in gaming pleasure, almost every part of it is damage rendered. This means you can have great fun with a baseball bat if someone pinches your parking space :) Quote from illusion Softworks:

"Moreover, the cars will deform and get damaged in a truly realistic way."

If you have seen the movie you will know what we mean, it shows a good clip of a guy smashing up a car with a baseball bat.

The controls are very simple to use, it's basically forwards, backwards, left and right. The controls are very similar to hidden and dangerous, so even the worst drivers in the world should have few problems steering around the City.

To Quote Illusion Softworks again:

"Playability definitely remains our number one priority, and for this reason, the controls will
be adapted to allow a more action-style driving. We are striving to achieve even better handling and reaction of cars than in GRAN TURISMO - which is, probably, the best game
of this type created so far."

And from what we saw of Andrew Morleys drivine (producer at Take2 interactive) driving
along the footpaths is also very easy to do :)

An added bonus is a feature that allows you to play Mafia like "Need for speed", again here is a quote from illusion softworks:

After the completion of the game, a special bonus item appears in the menu, which will allow the player to carry on driving the cars collected in the form of circuit racing The circuits will be located throughout the town, in its surroundings, and will run past the most interesting locations. The player will get - for free - another game of the NEED FOR SPEED type.

So if you like driving games Mafia will have something for you, the sheer number of cars is staggering, no other game I can think of has anywhere near as many vehicle options as this, it truly is a marster piece.