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A Guide & Solution for MAFIA
- an adventure in the world of organized crime
Written by Jaromir Krol
For MafiaWorld
MAFIA, its characters and all related topics are copyight (C) 2002 by Gathering of Developers & Illusion Softworks




MAFIA is a third-person perspective, adventute, story-driven game which combines a few styles and types of gameplay and places them in a fictitious American city in the 1930s, during the Golden Years of the gangsters. One of those gangsters will be the character controlled by you.

The subject of organized crime is a fascinating one for me. I read and watched almost all on the topic. I wrote about, both non-fiction (some now published) and fiction (not submitted anywhere yet :), I am working on a book devoted to the subject (even hoping to find a publisher one day ;), and so I found this game interesting the very moment I heard about it.

It proved to live up to the expectations. While full of cliches and not free from goofs, it's deep and involving enough to provide a good experience.

The most annoying goofs, which spoil Mafia's otherwise rather unblemished body, are the photographs shown while the missions load. It appears that they were hastily made within one day, with the developers bringing anything they could find to "play" the "roles" of various objects, while actually looking nothing like the real things. This includes modern dollar bills as old ones, school copybooks as mob account books, modern whisky bottles standing for those from the Prohibition period, an ancient flint pistol imitating a sawn-off shotgun, or old CZ and Makarov pistols playing Brownings and Colts. Drawings would be a much better choice here...


Thomas Angelo
The protagonist and your character. Ex-cabbie, now one of Don Salieri's lieutenants. Apparently based on Henry Hill (the one from "Goodfellas", that is, Ray Liotta - not the real Henry, who looks more like F. Murray Abraham :).

Your mob friend and another of Salieri's lieutenants. Obviously ripped... err, based on Joe Pesci from "Goodfellas", with face (down to the mole), looks, voice, clothes and behavior taken straight from Pesci's character (well, he *is* less sociopathic and impulsive). Once again, it's Pesci's character, not the real Tommy DeSimone, who was actually a bit different.

The third lieutenant and your friend. He seems generic and not really based on any particular gangster, real or not.

Don Salieri
One of the two big bosses of Lost Heaven. An old Sicilian, traditional mafioso. Your boss. Possibly inspired by the real don Masseria. Or by Anthony Quinn from "Mobsters".

The family's consigliere. He knows the ins and outs of the organization. He will befriend you, too.

The arm expert of the family. He'll stock you up.

A car mechanic of the family, considered an imbecile by the boys; he doesn't actually seem to be a moron at all - he merely stutters a lot.

Don Morello
The second boss, Salier's ex-friend and now arch-enemy. Your target (one of, anyway). He is EEEVVVIIILLL (Evil, I tell thee, evil!), which is illustrated by a scene of him beating up an innocent driver (Does he strangle kittens, too?).

Sergio Morello, Jr.
Morello's brother, "works in trade unions". A target of yours.

Detective Norman
The cop you turn to for protection. Tough, honest, no-nonsense lawman.

Bartender at Salieri's.

Luigi's daughter, your future wife.

Luca Bertone
Automobile expert who's "good with cars". He can tune cars, teach you how to steal one, and so on...

Salieri's bodyguard, up to a certain point.

Salier's favorite chef.

Big Biff
An ear. Has valuable information sometimes.

Yet another stoolie.


Acquired at Vincenzo's, Yellow Pete's, or Your Victim's Pocket :)

Fists - you're not the greatest fighter in the city, but you should manage to bump a few faces with your hands. Use anything else you can, though, for instance...

Baseball bat - good for cracking skulls. One hit from the back and the victim is out.

Crowbar - hoods often carry this thing, but it's not very efficient. Shorter range and less power than the bat.

Plank - no, not the character from "Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy". Found at least in one mission, useful to smash people's heads in :).

Knife - hoods have this pocket springer. Pretty good if you have no guns.

S&W 10 M&P - a six-shot

S&W 27 Magnum - a powerful revolver, later used by Dirty Harry :). Yours will come in nickel finish, though.

Colt Detective Special - cops often carry it. Snub-nosed .38.

Colt 1911 - most common, very good. Somewhat heavy (in real life :).

Sawed-off shotgun - the favorite weapon of the underworld :). Of course, it's devastating at short range because of the buckshot spread, but not too efficient on longer distances.

Pump-action shotgun - great weapon, powerful, but slower and bulkier than the predecessor.

Thompson 1928 - the classic Tommy that made mobs what they were in the roaring twenties :). Power and speed combined.

Springfield 1903 - a powerful, long-range rifle carried by some enemies.

Nagant 1891 - an excellent sniper rifle. Hard to get :)

Grenades - you know what those are, don't you?

Molotov cocktails - you only get two of them in one mission, and you should use them to torch cars :).


As I mentioned, this game combines a few styles of gameplay. You will mainly move within the city of Lost Heaven, by a car and on foot. Sometimes, you will, so to say, see things from a different perspective :).

The game consists of 20 missions with a number of sub-missions. There are some optional missions, too. The game makes auto-saves after each sub-mission; you cannot save on your own.

The controls are all redefinable. The cars can have a manual or an automatic gearbox; the automatic one is easier to use, of course :).

You should start with playing the tutorial, which will introduce you to moving, handling weaponry, and driving. You will also learn how to use the compass which shows the police cars. This is an important feature, since in Mafia, the police care! :) Yes, you can get chased, ticketed or arrested for breaking normal laws - for speeding, crashing people's cars, running red lights, assaulting citizens or cops, stealing cars, and for carrying weapons in public.

If you get ticketed, it's better to just stop and pay the fine - unless, of course, you're in a real hurry or someone is chasing you and shooting at you (in that case, if you shoot back, the cops join in in trying to kill you...)

If the police want you arrested, run or drive away and hide far from the location where they saw you, so that they forget about you. Hide in remote places, so that other cops don't see you too soon. You can also try to kill the policemen who want to arrest you, if things get hot. If you become a wanted criminal, this may be the only way out, in fact - if you get cornered, kill the pursuers and wait for your wanted level to go down.

Before taking to the missions for real, you might just play around exploring the city and try the Free Ride option to learn the layout and locations of some places.

If the game stutters, play with the settings... decrease the draw distance, lower the effects and the quality. Compressed textures, no anti-aliasing, no vertical sync and no triple buffering should be selected, too. And keep your system optimized and high on resources.

You could also speed up the load time by doing the evil thing and getting a patched exec that doesn't check for CD presence, thus avoiding the CD spin-up time and the reading itself.

A sensible thing to do is replacing the game's files LOGO1.AVI and LOGO2.AVI with 0 byte-sized files (load them up e.g. in HIEW and trim at the very beginning). Those are just the developers' logos and they take up a lot of space. You will also speed up the load time by doing it.

A problem with the sound, in which the voices close to you are barely audible, may occur if your sound card supports EAX, as this is a bug in this system. Play with the sound and speaker settings (and your EAX settings, too) to solve it... on some Live cards the only way to avoid it is using a software mixer, with no hardware acceleration.


There are some Easter Eggs in the game. In the harbor, some guys are speaking something in Czech - I wouldn't be surprised if those were the developers' voices :). If you look inside the game's (encrypted) files, you can find a big photo of the door to "The Tavern", which seems to be a real place somewhere in the Czech Republic, a .WAV sample of the developers (?) saying something in Czech, and a plesiosaurus-like creature... I didn't check yet, but perhaps it shows up in the sea around the town somewhere. :) There's also a texture of a green-skinned alien wearing a spacesuit, and a sound of a UFO...
(We now know the Sea Monster, Alien and UFO are all in Free Ride Extreme) - MACK


1: An Offer You Can't Refuse

We're beginning with an introduction and a scene of Tommy walking inside a bar in Lost Heaven to meet a certain detective. Yep - it's 1938, and you decided to become a grass for the cops. The story of your mob career will now be told in a big flashback to the detective you've met.

Now for a photo - a $100 bill from the 1990s is supposed to be a 1930s one. Good Lord, I think even Dan Quayle would notice that. Oh well, let's begin, anyway.

You begin as a taxi driver. One evening, two gangsters, chased by a carful of competitors, run to your cab and, with a couple of Colts, persuade you to drive them "anywhere, and fast". It's now your task to lose the tail. The gangsters chasing you are also shooting at you and the passengers. Try to lead them into street lamps, walls, and other cars - making them hit the red streetcar is a good thing to do. Seems that the game may cheat here and, after you lost the gangsters, teleport them nearby once again. Nevertheless, it's not too difficult to lose them. After that, you'll need to drive to the bar owned by Don Salieri, a mob boss of Sam and Paulie, the two gangsters you've just saved. There they will shoot you...

...up with money (heh! :), as a reward for saving them. And that's it.

2: The Running Man

Some realism here - life before that of a gangster :). As a cabbie, pick people up and drive them where they want. Don't drive recklessly, or you will scare the passengers.

After a while, you will end up nearby Salieri's. Suddenly, the hoods whom you lost last night will come after you. They tracked you down, and now you need to run for Salieri's Bar. Zig-zag and take cover, as they'll be shooting at you. Run guided by the arrows, through the small alleys, not the main streets.

Once you enter the bar, you're safe. The chasers will try to enter it, too (what the hell? Don't they know what this place is?), and they'll end up dead - and that's not drunk dead.

3: The Molotov Party

You are now officially in the Family. Too bad there won't be a ceremony of you getting made after making your bones (didn't they know about those Mafia traditions? Guess not...), but here's your first job - torch Morello's cars.

Drive to his car park and stop nearby. Walk in using the back entrance and run with the baseball bat at the guard in front; hold fire for more punch. Knock him down and torch the cars; finish off the third one with the bat. Now get out of here.

4: Ordinary Routine

Collecting protection money is your next task. Drive the boys around until you get to the gas station. Trouble awaits there... Morello's taking over it, and his boys grabbed Sam to beat out some information from him. Get behind the house and if the dog is near, shoot it - if not, you can climb the table under the balcony without shooting the mutt. Climb onto the balcony and get inside. Run into the first room and pick up the Tommy; now quickly switch to the Colt and kick the bathroom door to finish the guy inside. If two gangsters are running at you from the back now, finish them off with the Tommy; if not, climb down crouched and ambush them there. Now a big fight awaits inside the main room. Shoot from the corridor, taking cover and making the gangsters waste their ammo; when they reload, fire at them. Leave the one with Tommy for the end. Do him and another guy who runs out, and go for Sam. After the cut scene, yet another fight will begin - and then a car chase. You need to get the money from the fleeing mobster. Drive after him, shoot him and try to push him offroad; he should crash near a sharp corner, so finish him there.

If you're heavily wounded during the fights, run upstairs to collect a medikit from the second bathroom.

5: Fair Play

Racing time! To help the Don win a bet on his driver, go steal a racing car that his opponent will use (it's out of town), and drive it to Luca to damage its engine a little. Be quick but very careful not to damage the Bugatti, and avoid the cops (it's night, and there aren't too many of them out there, though). After Luca's done, drive back.

Surprise, surprise... turns out that Salieri's usual driver broke his arm when he used it to hit a baseball bat travelling at him with high velocity... and thus, you will need to participate in the race. Gee, I didn't see THAT coming, oh boy, was I surprised here... NOOOT. This seems to be the most difficult mission for a number of people, but it's actually not too hard. You didn't buy a racing game, you wail? Well, you will have to play it now, anyway. Unfortunately, it's not the NFS series, and your Bugatti is not a MacLaren. Still, you'll need to win. Five laps await you.

Try to get a lead immediately by bumping into your opponents while everyone is still slow, to push their cars off the right tracks. Now go, go, go! Do not cut the corners, as the little old car will go in a spin very easily. Once you spin and stop with your back to the front of the track, or ride out of the track and stop in the sand pits, it will be very difficult to continue. Don't give up then, though - even if you suddenly drop from position 1 to 13, continue driving slowly, if only to learn the layout of the track better and use this in the next attempt.

I completed this on the second attempt (in the first one I was leading after the first lap, then forgot what I was driving and went into a looong spin...) and I don't consider the mission particularly difficult... the shootouts that are in store for you are much worse - at least here nobody is tossing grenades at you! ;) There should have been only three laps, though - it's boring and repetitive the way that it is now. It helps to use a joystick for this mission, anyway. I actually didn't try playing this mission with the keyboard yet... perhaps it's harder that way. :)

6: Sarah

Luigi the bartender asks you to accompany his daughter Sarah, since a bunch of hoods gave her trouble last night... so help him out. Pick up Sarah and go for a walk. Of course, the hoods will show up soon. Take them out, collect their weaponry if you wish, and be careful not to let them hurt Sarah when she runs off into the alley. Deal with the punks and escort Sarah home. Treat her well, because she's your (soon-to-be) wife... Yes, it's time for Cliche #535839053: Love At First Sight, and Cliche #28429042: That Nice Girl Immediately Falls For This Bad Guy.

And what follows is stored in the game's animation files named, errm, "Tom F..." and "Sarah F...". (What's "f..."? Why, "fudgepacking", of course :-P )

7: Better Get Used To It

The Don is pissed with a capital P. It's about the punks who harassed Sarah, so you and Paulie need to break a few heads. Get some equipment fro Vincenzo and go ask Biff for the location of the hoods. Get there and the fight begins.

Remember to protect Paulie during the fight, as you're heavily outnumbered. Use only the bat (don't take the crowbar that the hoods drop, it's less efficient) until one of the hoods shoots at you. (By the way, before that point, you'll encounter a guy who just walked out to feast his eyes on you breaking the heads of those hoods, whom he himself hates - don't hit the poor man, as I did first in the heat of the battle :).

Now waste the scum, collecting the Guns 'N' Ammo ;) that they drop. The leaders of the gang, one Billy and An Unnamed Accomplice, will now get away. Chase them with your car until they crash in an alley.

It's killing time. Soon, you will learn that wiping out Billy the Hood brought trouble on you.

8: The Whore

A little slut has a tongue that is too long - unfortunately, she's not using it the way she should, eh? The point being, she's a grass, and Salieri wants her dead. And while you're in her brothel, torch it down, since the owner doesn't like to pay the don. Oh - kill the owner, too.

Get inside the brothel and go to the last floor - the whore is inside a room to the left, taking a bath. Unfortunately, we don't get to do a Psycho-like scene here; instead, stupid Tommy takes pity on her and lets her go (triggering BAAAD things in a not-too-distant future, as I obviously expected)... so now go down and ask the receptionist about the manager. Go where he directed you. The manager is dining there. I suggest the following strategy: crouch behind him and pull out the gun. Finish him off, get his guard before he starts shooting, and WAIT hidden there; kill the guards who run inside and get their guns. Shoot the guy with the shotgun ASAP - this weapon will be very useful soon.

Now run up to the owner's room, getting his keys from the reception first. Be careful, there's a guy waiting inside the target room, ready to blast you.

Clean out the room, blow it up, watch a cutscene. Now for an escape from the cops.

Climb the ledge and go upstairs, then through the two blue doors. You can wait here and ambush the cops running after you, or just run to meet more of them. Take them out and watch out for the one armed with a rifle. It's good to take cover and remain crouched most of the time, as the cops will be hiding on the roofs, behind chimneys, and shooting at you.

When you're ready, get to the damaged tower of a church, and meet...

9: The Priest

Get downstairs, grab the medicine and crouch near the door. Hold the shotgun and open the door. Gee, it's Cliche #55: Out Of All Churches In A Big City, Our Character Went Into The One Where A Man Whom He Killed Is Being Buried, And All Of The Killed Man's Friends Happen To Be Inside Just At That Very Moment, All Heavily Armed And Craving Revenge, Of Course. Oh well, at least Don Morello didn't choose this church and this time to drop in for some confession. That would've been a riot, right?

OK - after the cutscene, blast the guy running at you. Now you can pick the gangsters inside the church - the cop's rifle should be good here. Take cover, and don't forget the guy above the entrance. After a while, a few new mobsters will run in and try to finish you off. Afterwards, talk to the priest (I was expecting him to figure more prominently later, but that's all you'll see of him) and get back to Salieri's, avoiding the cops.

10: A Trip To The Country

The opening - a photo of modern whisky bottles pitifully trying to play smuggled Prohibition ones... fortunately, the mission itself is much better than the photo.

It's night and you go to pick up some smuggled Canadian whisky from a farm outside the town. Canadian, eh? Eh? ;-P

Nice, ambient place! But it smells fishy. Paulie suspects something bad and sends you out to investigate. The farm looks and sounds busy, but it's empty. That is, until you open the door of the lonely truck. Keep the weapon ready before you do it, as you will find a body inside and will be attacked by the killers right away. Waste them and run for Paulie. If you feel brave, you can take on the gangsters chasing you, shooting them before they do unto thee as thou dost on them :). More hoodlums will emerge near the bridge, but the boys should take care of them.

Once you get to Paulie, you will have to return and save The Friend In Constant Trouble (alias Sam). Waste the gangsters while you approaching the barn; Paulie will budge the door open - cover him, as a welcome committe will be inside. Deal with them and climb the stairs, ducked - eliminate all gangsters on the way and get to Sam. Get ready for more fighting, too, as three cars full of crooked cops and more gangsters will drive in. When you deal with them, escape...

Now Paulie drives and you sit in the back of the truck. Remember the C64 game "The Train"? (You don't? Get lost, kid, you're too young to play "Mafia"!) That's more or less what awaits you. Shoot the three cars chasing you with your Tommy until they crash, and you'll reach the city. Get to Salieri's.

11: Omerta

(Opening photo: a 17th century flint pistol is supposed to imitate a sawn-off shotgun, apparently because it's short and its shape is similar to that of a shotgun, when you look at it from a distance, in a dark room, with half-closed eyes and while wearing sunglasses. Agh! Who is responsible for those photographs?!?)

There's a rat in the family, and it's your friend Frank, the consigliere... He turned to the cops, it turns out, and will spill the beans soon. The Family is shocked, and Salieri wants him dead. More importantly, the account books which threaten the Family, must be retrieved before the prosecutors grab them from Frank.

Go ask the two stoolies about Frank's location. No luck there, but you get another name. Go talk to the bald guy. He's not very cooperative, so smack him a little (just don't kill him... not before he tells where Frank is kept ;)

Go to Frank's location with a fast, powerful car. A cutscene will play and you will need to chase the agents' bulletproof car, whose driver is apparently one insane agent, as he drives too fast, crashes into things and runs people over. Oh - the car won't show on the map, but it's going north, for the airport. Chase it there.

Now get away before it runs you over. Go inside the building, crouched, and use the "make'em waste their ammo" strategy to eliminate the agents. Chase Frank now - it's a good idea to kill the agents running with him before they stop and fire at you; just don't hit Frank.

When you finally grab Frank, it turns out that he's not a stinking old rat after all. The agents kidnapped and threatened to kill his family, employing worse-than-the-mob tactics since they're cooperating with Morello and a council man who happens to be the father of Billy the Hood.

(Wow, that's a nice circle, isn't it? Cliche #10: All Enemies Will Be Somehow Related)

Frank just asks you to free his wife and kid, and let them off alive. Go to the small building nearby and kill the agents around it. Now run inside and immediately shoot the Concerned Citizen making the call - otherwise, he'll manage to get the cops here.

Talk to Frank's wife now and go back to Frank. Now run to the first building and grab the tickets from there. Bring them back to Frank. He stands up to the challenge, like a true, traditional, honorable wiseguy. He is ready to die, and just wants to say goodbye to his wife and daughter, and see them off as they fly away to the Old Continent.

Naturally, you just let him go with them, though. All you need now are the books that Frank had to give over to the agents. Simply drive to the bank and get them, now go to Salieri's. Lie about Frank, telling that you killed him... and that's it.

12: Visiting the Rich People

A big-time prosecutor is after Salieri, and you'll need to steal some documents that threaten the don. A safe-cracker will go with you to open the safe where they're stored, but the rest is up to you.

Pick up Salvatore the burglar with a fast care and drive up the mountain road to the prosecutor's villa. Have Sal break into the garden and hide behind the statue nearby. Crouch there and tel Sal to wait there, hidden. Now get the bat and follow the guard to the left. Whack him, take his shotgun and the key.

You can now try to knock down the other guards; if they notice you, though, or the fat maid finds a body, go for the alcove and take them out from there as they approach. When the coast is clear, get Sal and head inside the house. Whack the damn maid, too... Don't switch the lights on; in fact, switch them off everywhere :).

Search the upper floor and make Mr Prosecutor unhappy by doing nasty things to his wife. Now go into his room and have Sal crack the safe. Uh-oh! The prosecutor is back! And he found the body of a guard!

Run out and blast the bodyguard waiting from you. Now simply run next to the wall and get out of the garden the way you came in. Avoid more fighting and don't kill the prosecutor if you see him. Now drive Sal back and return to Salieri's.

13: A Great Deal!

Time to meet Bill Gates. Yep, a character named William Gates from Kentucky. (Fortunately, they didn't make him look like Bill Gates... I was afraid that they might do that, in a cheap attempt at a joke). Gates is a moonshiner who offers Salieri some great whisky, and you need to pick it up.

Drive to the parking lot and run to the top floor - don't pull out the gun on the farmers. Cutscene, ambush, Gates bites it, you need to fight.

A good way is to get nearby the hoodlums' cars and fire at them until they blow up. There are barrels of fuel all over the lot, too, so blow them up as well. Clear all floors with the boys behind you, and go get the truck with the whisky.

Now you have to drive the extremely flammable contents back to Salieri's warehouse, with gangsters chasing you and shooting at you. You can cheat the game a bit here, though, by getting out of the truck immediately and going to the left to kill the gangsters waiting there. Sometimes they may remain in their cars and you can blow them up quickly (and see some interesting burned bodies inside...). Cops may get interested in you, too, so you may have to kill some and wait for the wanted level to drop.

14: Bon Appetit!

Drive the don to Pepe's restaurant for a dinner... and watch an ambush. Things are tough. Run out the back door and kill the gangsters you encounter, collect their weapons and wipe out the hoods waiting on the stairs (there are more upstairs, too). You can shoot the ones outside through the window.

When you're don, Salieri figures his bodyguard Carlo sold him out, so drive to Carlo's flat and chase him outside. He's in his underpants only, but he has a gun and a few friends. They're no match for an angry don and his henchman, though, so just dispose of them and you and the don are ready to go back.

15: Happy Birthday

To intimidate Morello's paid politicians, Salieri decides to rub out the most active of them in public. A great assassination mission awaits you! Drive the the steamboat where the politician is going to be. Unfortunately, the guards won't let you in. Don't try to attack anyone - just go to the building behind you and pick a sailor uniform there. Now go onto the boat.

(Before I noticed the door leading there, I ran down the street and around the docks looking for a sailor, since I thought that perhaps I should find one, whack him and take his uniform off his body... :) I also attacked the couple waving the boat passengers off, thinking they might carry an invitation in their pockets :)

Here, find the locked men's room. The gun is inside, but to get in there, go to another toilet and pick up a bucket there. Now talk to the big disgruntled sailor, and he'll agree to open the men's room if you clean it. Sure, buddy, whatever you say...

Get the gun, hide it and wait fpr the politician to come out and began the speech. Kill him now! Then run to the bow, where Paulie awaits you in a motor boat. Escape and read about your daring stunt in the papers.

(A small note - inside the bar on the steamboat, there's a glass of wine you can drink. You could try repeating this a few times and waiting for the results... :)

16: You Lucky Bastard

Meet Morello's brother. Kill Morello's brother. Kill him again. And again. :)

You need to drive Paulie so he can hit Sergio Morello. Do it. Unfortunately, Paul whacks the wrong guy - just some schmuck who picked up the phone when Paulie was expecting Morello. Too bad! Now your second attempt: you have to blow up Sergio while he's driving. Get to his house, park there and hide behind your car. Watch the guard in front of the mansion and wait until he goes inside. Now quickly run to Morello's car and attach the bomb.

Whoops! You blew up some girl instead! After a really bad joke ("That's a HOT dame!"... groan... oh, brother...), you will get to drive Paulie (a fast car here, bub) for yet another assassination attempt. Do that... but Morello gets out alive once again, and this time it's Tommy's fault (Not yours - the Thompson's :).

Now that you goofed so many times, don sets you aside and sets other enforcers to take out Sergio. They laugh at you, but they'll get punished soon... and Sergio will escape again. Chase him - he's fast - all the way to the docks.

Clean out the guys waiting for you and try to get into a truck or a small car parked some way to your left. Driving them, you can run over most mobsters, but watch out for the snipers! To the right of the docks, a box of grenades awaits you near the big locomotive, so you can stock up on them. There's a medicine box nearby, too. Your target is in the other direction, however, so go there, eliminating any resistance. When you reach the big warehouse where Morello's car is, take out the snipers and set the tracks so that they lead from the two cisterns to the warehouse. Now kick the wooden block from under the cistern (you have two of them if you goof up once - just watch the position of the tracks when you push the levers that move them), and use it - and a cigarette - to, well, open the warehouse door.

Throw some grenades inside to get rid of Morello's bodyguards and go get the man himself. Sergio's luck ran out, it would appear...

17: Creme de la Creme

Finally, it's time to take out don Morello - and Paulie knows how. Drive to the theatre where Morello is - you will assassinate him there. Only you won't, because he will escape :).

Chase him - don't bother shooting, his car is bulletproof, and it will all soon take place in another location :). Due to bugs, or with cheats, it is possible to kill him by destroying his car - e.g. pushing it and rolling into the sea ;) - but the scripted path is the best one :).

Morello will drive out of town and reach the old familiar airport. There your car breaks down. Sam and Paul try to fix it; you run after Morello. Waste the two guys who run to greet you, and don't move near the hangar, or you'll trigger a key scene. When the two gangsters are dead, run towards the big hangar and shoot at the engines of Morello's plane. Try to get one of them on fire if you can. Sam and Paul will drive by now - get in, grab a Tommy and shoot at the plane's engines. When it gets up, engines in flames, shoot it some more... and watch the cutscene.

(Don't bother walking toward the crash site, it was apparently only pre-rendered in a cutscene, and the actual location is probably somewhere outside the main map... :)

Drive Sam and Paul back to the bar and you're done.

18: Election Campaign

A splendid, atmospheric mission. Aye, that un's a beaut, sirrah! :)

Salieri's growing power makes him more power-hungry and arrogant. Now he wants to take out a politician campaigning for the position of the mayor. This time it's a quiet job, so to say... and it involves sniping the target. Go get a sniper rifle from Vincenzo and drive to the abandoned prison with the high tower. You can knock down the man waiting by the manhole; if you want more action later, leave him alive. Either way, climb down there and go into the sewer.

(Here, I was actually expecting a sewer maze and a change of plans, with the assassination taking place from the sewer - the way that don Joe Bonanno claims John F. Kennedy was really shot :)

Get out the other manhole. You can shoot the dogs now, as they may give you problems later. Go into the prison. Open the grating and hear the sounds. Ahh... now that's an ambient AND a damn nasty place. Exploring it is quite creepy, so you could give it a try :). Either way, someone is upstairs... so go there armed.

It turns out that it's actually a bunch of someones - a gang of hobos took this building for their HQ, apparently, and they don't like visitors. Deal with them... but there are more waiting upstairs, and they're armed with shotguns.

After a heavy fight, you will get to the very top (a guy should fall down to his death here :). Put down the shotgun and get the sniper rifle. Aim for the small island. Your target is the man making the speech. Ready, steady... go. From this distance, it can take two shots, so if you see him kneeling down, merely wounded, finish him off before the guards cover him.

Now grab the shotgun and run down, where the dogs were. Shoot the lock and open the door. If you left the manhole worker alive, he'll be there talking about you to two cops - waste them with some buckshot.

You can pick up their car or go for yours - or steal something - and get back "home".

19: Just for Relaxation

I thought the opening smelled fishy... I was actually expecting the boys to try and whack me at two points in the game, especially after I saw the "symbolic" hearse leaving Ralphie's! :)

Anyway, Salieri wants you to steal some... cigars? Yes, some damn cigars. All right then, go.

(Note: NEVER bump into any of the Family boys with your car... if you do, they'll all treat you as a traitor and will go after you, as I found out here :). With Sam, Paulie, Ralph, Luigi and a bunch of other boys chasing me, I went berserk, ran inside the bar and emptied the gun into Salieri! :-D And then I loaded a savegame ;)

Drop Sam off and go for the truck with Paulie. He has an idea that neither you, nor Sam accept at the time. We'll see about it later... Follow the truck and when it drives inside a warehouse, go down the alley and block the way out with your car. Wait for the truck now, shoot it and knock the driver down when he runs out. Take his papers. Now go to your car quickly and move it so that it's easy to drive out of the alley! Otherwise, Paulie may die! Yes - he's a moron :) and when I played this, he went into the car, couldn't drive it out and bumped it around until he trashed the thing and himself :). Park it for him correctly and he'll just drive off ;).

Now take the truck and go for the harbor. Pass some guys speaking in Czech - an Easter Egg, apparently - and go to the last warehouse. You can now play the proper way or go gung-ho at the foreman and all the guards ;). Playing properly, do what he says and get the workers nearby to help you with carrying his crates. Then talk to the foreman again and when he walks away, quickly stash up the objects of Salieri's desire into your truck.

Now get the boys and drive for Salieri's warehouse. Uh-oh, the don is ripping you off, it seems. Paulie is rather unhappy and so are you. Time to think over Paul's earlier idea...

20: Moonlighting

...which was robbing a bank without Salieri's agreement and without giving him a cut (the first is a misdemeanor in the mob world, the second is a major offense, in fact). Tommy accepts it, Sam is out, and so you're getting ready for the Big Heist.

Take the train with Paulie. Discuss the plan. Now get a fast, powerful car - the Roadster, for instance - and go to Yellow Pete's to get some weaponry. A Tommy and a shotgun would be nice.

Go get Paulie and drive to the bank. Get inside, take out a gun and run in. Get to the left now and kill the guard running downstairs. Now go help Paulie with the other guard. Pick up the keys from behind the counter and run upstairs for the director's room, eliminating two guards. Get the keys from the director, run down to the vault, kill more guards and steal the money. Pick up one more money wad that Tommy missed :) and run back to Paulie. Now drive for the hideout, hopefully avoiding any cops... and you're done.

21: The Death of Art

It's the final mission. And it opens with one dead Paulie. Yes... someone got to Paulie's, took the money and riddled him full of lead. Not good, not good at all.

The phone rings - and it's Sam. Salieri found out about the bank job and wants to punish you. Paulie's already punished, but Sam can help you out. Run out without a gun - just avoid the cops on the stairs - and drive for Yellow Pete's. Stock up heavily there and go for the museum.

A small revelation will follow. Paulie - and you - learned that the old Mafia truth that Henry Hill and Sammy Gravano make a point of in their biographies is valid: you don't get a warning, and it's your friends who come to end you, smiling and friendly until the very minute that they kill you for breaking the rules. And so it was Sam who whacked Paulie; apparently, he's also the one who told Salieri about the bank job business. What's more, the slut from "The Whore" was found by Salieri's boys and so they learned that you let her off alive. Suspicious at that, they even learned about Frank's survival - and went after him, killing him in Europe.

It's now time to pay for disobeying the don.

Waste the guys at the ground floor and clean out the museum, room by room, stage by stage. Killing the gangsters - who can move and be placed randomly - triggers cutscenes and open doors. Try to take them out from a distance, especially since some of them carry grenades. A rifle from Pete is useful here. Of course, pick up the guns they drop and get medicines.

You will finally corner Sam. He'll be running around a gallery, shooting at you, so snipe him until he staggers away, bleeding. Follow the trail of blood, *crouched and gun ready*, and when Sam jumps from behind a wall, pump a load in him.

Time for Cliche #12: The Traitor Is Mortally Wounded But Still Manages To Deliver A Long Expository Speech While Standing.

The missions end here, with you whacking Sam and deciding to become a grass. The outro follows. If you really want to know how the whole saga ends, right now, here it is... the major spoiler:

Salieri's gang is brought down by the police. Tom's testimony at the big trial sends the don away for life. Tom and his family get a new identity, a new house and a new job. Years later, he is visited by two men while attending his garden. The men - mob hitmen - greet him in Salieri's name and whack him. Happy ending, innit! :)

(Judging by Tom's looks, it's at least 25 years after the trial... is Salieri still alive after that time? Riiight...)

Here the ending spoiler ends :).

I know your think there is only 20 missions, well thats correct, Fairplay is split into missions 5 & 6 in the game, I have just called it mission 5, so no emails please. MACK

There are other, optional missions, too. Luca Bertone can give you some - they involve tracking a prostitute, saving his friend, and more, but they're just optional, for relaxation, so to say :). The other ones are in Free Ride Extreme, available from the menu after beating the game. Those are more tongue-in-cheek, and they're optional, too.


Well, there's not too much to add here at this point so far... This is the first version of this file, so I suppose I will just repeat the opening credits for now :)

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