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  Emerging from the Chronoplast time portal, Raziel finds Kain nowhere to be found. Instead, he finds himself in the presence of Moebius the Time Streamer. Moebius tries to lure him unto his side with the prospect that both want Kain dead. Raziel agrees that he does wish Kain to die, but he is hesitant to join with the tainted reputation of Moebius.

Leaving the Sarafan Stronghold, Raziel sees the beauty in which Kain so selfishly destroyed. Raziel is overwhelmed with anger for Kains damnation of Nosgoth. Seeking the Pillars he confronts Kain who pleas his side of the story. Kain tells him how he was tricked by the infernal Moebius and used by all who appeared good. Raziel seems to understand and his hatred for Kain subsides.

Raziel then journeys to the swamp of Nosgoth where he meets the Vampire Vorador. Vorador tells Raziel that no matter what he does Nosgoth is doomed. Still pressing on Raziel searches the frozen North only to find that Janos Audron's home is in desolation.

Returning to the Sarafan Stronghold he again encounters Kain. It is here at this point that Raziel was suppose to murder Kain and set right Kain's wrong. However, he refuses to kill Kain and history must reshuffle to account for this massive change in history. From henceforth Raziel refuses to follow any written destiny. Moebius comes forward and is angered at his refusal to kill Kain. In retaliation, Raziel threatens him and Moebius lets Raziel leave.

Returning once more to the Stronghold, he forces Moebius to transport him to a time where Janos's home is accessible. The devious Moebius transports Raziel not to the past, but to the future.

The future of Nosgoth is far worse then Raziel could have imagined. Nosgoth lay in terrible wastes and everything in torment. A ghost of Moebius appears to Raziel and tells him why he committed this dirty trick. Raziel must see what Kain has done, and why he must die. Untouched Raziel seeks the Elder.

The Elder God appears to flourish in this damned state of Nosgoth. Raziel tells him he will not follow anyone's command but his own. The Elder reminds Raziel that he is his Soul Reaver and will kill Kain. Raziel begins to wonder if the Elder really did salvage him from death or was it merely coincidental that he resurrected near the Elder.

Returning to the swamp, Raziel accesses an old Chronoplast time portal, long since abandoned. With blind faith he sends himself throughout time and returns to a time when Janos lived.

Eager to meet the reputed Janos he presses on. Reaching his home he appears to Janos. Janos Audron tells Raziel of his past and how the Pillars were crafted by an ancient race of vampires, who also crafted the Soul Reaver. The Reaver was meant solely for Raziel. Breath taken by the fact that Raziel's existence is so important; he is disrupted by the Sarafan, who have come to murder Janos. It appears they followed Raziel. Janos then transports Raziel to another location as he is struck down and his heart ripped from his chest. Raziel emerges back into Janos room to see his "noble" former self killing his mentor.

Infused with a loathing so power Raziel returns to the Sarafan Stronghold to return the Black Heart of Janos to its rightful owner. Armed with the physical blade, Raziel enters a god-like state where he is untouchable. Fighting his way back though the Stronghold he encounters his vampire brothers as the Sarafan they once were. Hacking through them, he understands it is he who creates the corpses for Kain to resurrect as his lieutenants, ultimately coming face to face with himself. Enraged at his former self, Raziel slays the Sarafan warrior.

Hunger and thirst overwhelms the blades and they turn upon their master. It was here that Raziel's destiny would come to an end. He would be devoured by his own blade and thus create the Soul Reaver that a fledgling Kain would come across. That is why when Kain struck him down with the Blade during their first encounter as the resurrected Raziel the blade bound unto him. The blade to powerful to withstand it plunges into his chest draining him of his undead life. Kain comes forth encouraging Raziel to let it drain him. Just when Raziel would have been fully consumed, Kain pulls the blade from him and history, again, reshuffles. To weak to maintain a physical body, he shifts back to the spectral realm where his counter part, the wraith blade, awaits. Finally understanding Kain's scheme, this was the edge of the coin. Kain would allow Raziel to be partially drained creating the Soul Reaver, yet sparing him. With Raziel's destiny adverted Kain could assume his place as Balance Guardian, restoring Nosgoth. Was Kain's plan successful? Destiny fortold that Raziel would be consumed and the Soul Reaver would be born, yet Raziel remained alive.

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