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     Kain - Kain, the son of a noble, was cruelly murdered by an unknown assassin. Resurrected by the Necromancer Mortanius, can set out to seek revenge. However, he soon learned that he is the one that must cleanse the pillars that have been corrupted over the years. With the pillars cleansed, Kain returns to the pillars and Ariel, Balance Guardian, appears. She tells Kain he is the next Balance Guardian and to fully restore the Pillars he must die. Disgusted with human lies and tricks, Kain choose to damn Nosgoth forever.

   Vorador - A nobel and wise vampire, Vorador is one of the oldest living vampires in history. After his family was slaughtered by the Sarafan, a form of warrior priest, he went into hiding in Nosgoths swamp. He advises Kain to stay out of human affair - they only end with pain.

   Mortanius the Necromancer (Pillar of Death) - Mortanius is an ancient sorcerer, skilled in the arts of black magic. He is one of the most power Necromancers in all of Nosgoth He serves as one of the Circle of Nine (The Pillar of Death). He resurrected Kain as a vampire and guides Kain on his quest for vengeance.

   Ariel (Pillar of Balance) - Ariel's, Guardian of Balance, murder made Nupraptor unleash a wave of energy that poisoned the minds of the remaining Guardians. Ariel is the one that informs Kain of his importance and quest - he must kill all surviving Guardians to restore the Pillars. Bound eternally to the Pillars, Ariel awaits an heir.

   Nupraptor the Mentalist (Pillar of the Mind) - Nupraptor was driven mad with grief after his beloved Ariel died. Hoping to avenge Ariel, he unleashed a psychic wave of energy that destroyed the other Guardians mind. Nupraptor, no longer caring what damage he caused, destroyed the Circle and started the deterioration of Nosgoth.

   Dejoule the Energist (Pillar of Energy) - Dejoule destested Vampire's and used her powers to expand the walls of the Dark Eden. She had intended to give the plants and animals in the Dark Eden unholy strength and power.

   Bane the Druid (Pillar of Nature) - Bane aided Dejoule in the creation of the Dark Eden and the mutation of the plants and animals.

   Anacrothe the Alchemist (Pillar of States) - Anacrothe aided in the creation of the Dark Eden also. However, during Bane and Dejoule's last battle with Kain he fled. At the end of Kain's quest he sees Mortanius and Anacrothe arguing and then the death of Anacrothe at the hands of Mortanius.

   Moebius (Pillar of Time) - Moebius the Time Streamer disguised himself as an old man known as the oracle. Kain ventured to visit him and Moebius guided him. Yet, the advice given was only to lure Kain down the path Moebius had carefully drawn out - a path to kill all vampires. Moebius's plan worked and Kain, unwillingly, sets off a movement known as the Vampire Purge. Fueled with anger, he stalks down and beheads the Time Streamer.

   The Oracle of Nosgoth - All across Nosgoth, people seek the wisdom and guidance of the Oracle. Supposedly, he is able to read into one's past and future. The all knowledgeable Oracle is benevolent and works in devious ways.

   Azimuth the Planar (Pillar of Dimension) - Azimuth ruled from a religios position and had the power to summon demons that destoryed and ruined cities.

   Malek (Pillar of Conflict) - Malek, fanatical warrior-priest of the Sarafan, is the protector of the Circle of Nine. After failing to save six members of the circle from the Vampire Vorador, he was fused to his armor causing him to be damned for eternity. Malek now focuses on exacting revenge, yet he again is bested by Vorador.

   Elzevir (The Dollmaker) - The "Dollmaker" is the collector of Souls who craves souls for his own twisted reason. He took King Ottmar's daughter's soul and made he fall into a coma. He lives on a lake of ice with his souls.

   King Ottmar (the Lion of Willendorf) - King Ottmar is a wise and just ruler. His armies are the only army that has a chance at stopping the Legions of the Nemesis. His daughter's soul was stolen, and until it is restored to her body, he will not fight the approaching Nemesis. If anyone saves his daughter his army is his or hers.

   William the Just (The Nemesis) - In a previous time, William the Just was a peaceful and wondrous ruler. Through the ploys of Moebius, William became the tyrant know only as the Nemesis. He plots with Moebius creating a devastating army that can crush all oppressors- even King Ottmar...

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