How did you like Blood Omen 2?
It was super great!
I've had better
My mum liked it...


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     Nigel Redfield
Bio: Coming from New York, Nigel picked up web design after failing to create a web page for his favorite game, Tomb Raider. After realizing that homestead didn't create the page he wanted, he went off in search to learn HTML. One year later, web design has become a full time ambition for him. He spends his time creating sites for local bands and video games. He is the one that makes sure that Legacy of Kain is running smoothly and is updated frequently. Also, he runs Cold Faction Studios, his web portfolio.

Post: Site Director, News Manager, and Graphic/Web Designer.

Quote: "Watch out, I've got Jimmies! - Ah! All I can see is a horrible rainbow!"

Nigel Redfield

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