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  View Actor's Information                 Cast: Soul Reaver 
     Raziel - First born of Kain's army, Raziel evolved bat-like wings and was tossed into the Abyss to suffer eternal pain. However, the Elder God resurrected him as a Soul Reaver and his personal assassin. Raziel was allowed to walk the Earth once more to hunt down and kill his brothers and Kain. Raziel successfully destroys his brethren but Kain somehow always eludes him.

   Kain - Kain, the cruel and malevolent ruler of Nosgoth, is the reason for the utter decay in Nosgoth. He chose to rule the world rather than kill himself for its restoration. This choice made him many foes that will stop at nothing to have him killed. Kain appears to have a great deal of knowledge of things to come and how history is supposed to play out. Kain understands his destiny and knows how and where it ends.

   Ariel - Floating forever bound to the fallen Pillars, Ariel aids Raziel in his quest for vengeance. In order for her to be freed Kain must die. Ironicly, she also aided Kain in his quest to restor the Pillars so many years ago.

   Moebius - As Raziel dives into the Time Stream after Kain, Moebius pulls him from the Time Stream before he can reach Kain in Nosgoth's path. For Raziel, is he friend or foe?

   The Elder God - After an uncountless period in teh Abyss, the Elder God summons Raziel and gives him a new life as a soul reaver. The Elder is angry at Kain for taking away the souls on which he feeds. Raziel is the perfect tool to rid the world of Kain once and for all.

   Melchiah - Over the centuries, Melchiah transformed into an enormous creature rancid with decay. He has learned the ability of phase, or to be able to pass through certain objects and alone Raziel cannot destroy him.

   Zephon - Zephon has become an arachnid type vampire. He is able to scale walls and reach places inaccessible to Raziel. His soul will be a great use for Raziel.

   Rahab - Rahab has taken to the waters of Nosgoth and evolved the ability to withstand water. He has become an aquatic vampire - almost fishlike. Raziel must be weary while stalking Rahab, as he is not immune to water.

   Dumah - When Raziel reaches Dumah he finds him already pierced by a staff. However, he is not dead, as he was not pierced through the heart. Pulling the staff from his chest Dumah is reanimated. His new form has made him extremely powerful and deadly. His soul gives Raziel the ability to constrict.

   Turel - The only Vampire to elude Raziel, the Turel is the only brother of Raziel to survive. The Turelim Morlock guarded a relic that gave Raziel the ability to harness his power and project it long distances.

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