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     Raziel - Raziel emerges out of the time stream by the hands of Circle Member Moebius. Weary of his deceitful reputation Raziel must consider an alliance with the Time Steamer. Raziel, now free to delve into Nosgoth's past, sets off in search of Kain and to creat his own destiny.

   Kain - Kain mysteriously seems to have known Raziel's plans from the beginning, and he has been leading Raziel to his destiny. Here, in Nosgoth's past, Kain appears less enemy and more ally as he tries to free Raziel from his terrible destiny and end the pillars corruption though a paradox. However, history abhors a paradox...

   Ariel - A powerful sorceress, Ariel governed the Circle of Nine as the Guardian of Balance. As Raziel and Kain confront one another in the past, Ariel is murdered beginning the corruption of the pillars. Bound to the pillars eternally, she awaits a successor.

   Moebius - As Raziel is pulled from the Time Stream he encounters Moebius the Time Streamer. One of the oldest member of the Circle of Nine, Moebius carefully choreographed Kain's every maneuver leading to the pillars ultimate collapse. Moebius entices Raziel with ideas that they both want the same goal, Kain's death. However, Raziel is cautious and refuses to become a pawn once more.

   Vorador - The most ancient and powerful of Nosgoth's surviving vampires, Vorador has seen his kind oppressed and persecuted throughout history, and has come to regard humans as little more than brutish cattle.

   The Elder God - Raziel stumbles upon the Elder God beneath the Pillars of Nosgoth. Surprisingly, the Elder appears smaller than in the future where the Pillars lie in totally destitution. With Raziel's new knowledge of himself, his destiny, and Kain he questions the Elder's stature. The Elder disregards Raziel's questions and try once more to fuel his hate and quest for Kain.

   Enemies - The Demons plaguing the land are able to rip through from the Demon Realm into the physical world of Nosgoth at will. As the spiritual health of the land declines, the barriers between the Realms are weakened, and become more easily permeable.

This is the era of Moebius’s genocidal vampire purge, and these hunters are the soldiers of his mercenary army. Because the crusade is still in its infancy, Moebius’s forces are more of a cutthroat militia than an orderly army - but what they lack in organization they more than make up for in zealous brutality.

The Sarafan are a sect of warrior-priests, made legendary by their holy war against the vampire menace in Nosgoth's early history. The Sarafan are formidable enemies, renowned both for their ruthlessness and a fanatical devotion to their crusade. Sarafan warriors are sometimes aided in combat by spell-casting sorceresses.

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