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     Kain - Kain awakens 200 years after his legendary battle with the Sarafan Lord. He finds himself weak and his powers lost. The world is very different than the one he left. The humans have learned to harness Glyph magic and have created a glorious city, Meridian. Joining with a Sarafan resistance movement, the Cabal, Kain seeks his revenge against his oppressors.

   Vorador - Vorador leads the Vampire Resistance and is an old friend of Kain. However, Kain is reluctant to trust his old companion. Vorador acts as a guide, or mentor, to Kain. Someone who will guide him throughout his long journey.

   Umah - Umah, lieutenant of the Cabal, acts as a friend and a guide to Kain. She is the one who found him unconscious in the abyss and brought him back to health.

   Vampire Foes - Magnus (left) and Marcus (right) are two of many vampires that have joined sides with the Sarafan. Magnus has gone insane inside the Eternal Prison and Kain must defeat him before he can leave. Marcus dwells in the Upper City level and harness psychic powers.

   Peasant - These are the common townsfolk of Nosgoth. By listening in on their conversations, Kain can learn valuable secrets and information. Yet, mostly they serve only as fresh blood for Kain.

   Thug - These tough masked Thugs wield clubs and can be found attacking the townsfolk on Nosgoth.

   Thief - Hiding in the shadows, these Ninja like assassins attack with their weapon of choice - the dagger. They often launch a surprise attack and if near death, will always run away.

   Guard - These are the most basic type of Sarafan guard. If spotted, they will attack Kain on sight.

   Glyph Warriors - These guards (left) posses armor made of Glyph magic, which alert them to Kain's presence, and so preventing any stealth kills. The more powerful version (right) also posses Glyph armor and are extremely hard to kill.

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