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  Help! I need somebody. Help! Ill take anybody (sorta)  
     Saturday | June 3 - 2003 | 9:31 pm | Nigel Redfield

My peril
I want to start updating this site. You know add LOK theories, add new content, many a section of defiance etc. But i dont have the time. Im inundated with work and stress. When i DO find free time i just wanna hang with my friends. Its become so incredibly difficult to maintain this site.

I have three choices. 1)Shut this site down 2)Update is basically never. Ill update if it takes me a few minutes, but forget a bout new content 3)Finally, HAVE ANYONE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS SITE

Someone email me about this. Comments. Suggestions. Anything.

  Soul Reaver 3 NEW INFO  
     Saturday | May 1 - 2003 | 9:35 pm | Nigel Redfield

Uh wow. I mean like holy shit. Apparently Edios is going to unveil Legacy of Kain: Defiance. It will be the newest chapter in the LOK series where you will take on the roles of Kain AND Raziel.

  • Play as Kain and Raziel
  • Utilize telekinetic powers
  • What lookes like HUGE detailed worlds

Go here for screenshots

  Soul Reaver 3  
     Saturday | March 6 - 2003 | 8:55 pm | Nigel Redfield

Edios had just announced Soul Reaver 3 for the ps2. They say it will come out in 2003, but id say look for it in early 2004 or VERY late 2003.

  Blood Omen 2 Review  
     Saturday | February 8 - 2003 | 1:25 pm | Nigel Redfield

I just beat Blood Omen 2 and all I can say is blaaaaah. I didnt like the game much. The story was weak, combat poor, graphics were ok, and boss were stupid. I know it sounds bad but I really wasnt please at all with it. Read my full review here

  WHAT?! An update?  
     Wednesday | November 13 - 2002 | 3:22 pm | Nigel Redfield

There have been three new gamecube Blood Omen 2 screens added. They are the ones in the bottom row of the BO2 screenshot page.

Hey, I may or may not be starting an independent game review site. If you know anyone that would want to help with 1) graphics 2) site upkeep 3) news 4) articles let me know.


  Blood Omen 2 on GCN  
     Thursday | July 23 - 2002 | 8:32 pm | Nigel Redfield

Blood Omen 2 is going to Game Cube this October. There are not hints about if it will be a direct port or changed to fix certain parts of the game. Hopefully this will be the best version of BO2 yet.

  Eternal Darkness Sanctuary  
     Thursday | June 18 - 2002 | 5:45 pm | Nigel Redfield

Just thought I'd let everyone know what Ive been up to. Ive been working on a new site, Eternal Darkness Sanctuary. Its a site about Eternal Darkness for GCN, duh. Go check it out

  Lost and Found  
     Thursday | May 30 - 2002 | 7:55 pm | Nigel Redfield

Thought Id post an update on myself, as if anyone cared...I have been terribly busy with SATII, finals, other projects, and my XBOX ^_^ to work on this site. Also, there isnt much news. Yeah I could add screen shots or update previous sections, but it is tedious and boring. One of these days I swear I'll finish of the LOK FAQS but until then..

I also wanted to say thank you for making this site a semi-success. Ive had about 8,000 hits in about 3 1/2 months. Thank you and hopefully I will last many months to come! Cheers.

     Thursday | April 12 - 2002 | 10:50 pm | Nigel Redfield

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I just ordered my new computer and I had to transfer all my Soul Reaver files onto it and that took a bit of time. Sorry!

And to add to more bad news, Im going on a holiday from Friday the 12 to the following Friday so no more updates for a week! When I come back the site will be up and out though.

     Wedbesday | March 27 - 2002 | 8:10 pm | Nigel Redfield

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