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Site history : 2005 - 20XX

July,05: Killer 7 SINdicate originated as a sub section of a failed Megaten site.
At first I only started K7 SIN as my own personal log containing all the information that I have obtained during game play. (Mostly political.)
What was rather akward was that shortly after I noticed a sudden influx of hits to my failed Megaten site.
The majority of the hits were predictably coming from the Killer 7 page I made.
It was then that I decided that I should finally give a name for the K7 section.

I was originally going to call the site "Harman's room", but I conviently came up with the catchy name "Killer 7 SINdicate".
(I was playing a series of import games called "Oneechanbara" which was a play on words for both Sister & sword fight, which was were I got the influence from.)

August,05: I moved K7 SIN to it's own server at, and officially opened K7 in 8/28/05.
While the site did manage to attain a respectable amount of traffic at first, as well as being displayed in the front page of Hardcore Gaming 101, & mentioned in the link permissions section of the ShockleyHaynes plot faq.
The traffic didn't last once Tekcities died.
I assume most people thought that K7 SIN went away with it, but a month later K7 SIN came back on Sitesled.

Jan.,06: Things were looking rather grim as K7 SIN remained in a near death state.
I was considering closing up shop for good.
Until I got a mail from the webmaster of Manhunt Uncut that convinced moi that K7 SIN had potential.
So he convinced moi & he even vouched for K7 SIN itself to his webhost,Game Devotion for hosting at their server.
After that a sequence of events occurred where I would work my ass off in order to make K7 SIN more presentable to the public.
Let's just say that every Video game server on the net turned down K7 SIN with disgust or with a mere cold shoulder. (I believe this was done in order to avoid coming off as rude.)

I can't blame them though, I wouldn't want to waste my hard earned cash on a Killer 7 website either if the current state of K7 SIN is any indication.
It should be noted if it weren't for the constant assurance from fellow web masters that K7 SIN had potential I would've given up on the site long ago
When I officially opened K7 SIN in August,05.
I've always had a personal deadline in mind to have the site fully established by July,06.
I originally applied for hosting with Gamespy,but they flatly rejected on the grounds that K7 SIN was not in English & it appeared to be in Japanese.

Click thumbnail in order to enlarge epic.

March - April,06: To make the long story short back in March,06
I decided to reapply with Gamespy just for the hell of it....
Surprisingly I received a confirmation mail saying that K7 SIN has been approved for hosting.
IMO I believe it was out of pure luck that K7 SIN was actually considered.
Since one of the individuals who was sitting next to the site reviewer was familiar with the Killer 7 game.
I'm not sure how relevant that is though.

My guess is, as an individual who has experienced K7 first hand they must've noticed that K7 SIN was going for a chaotic like style of presentation & vibe much similar to the actual game.
What was even more shocking, is that Gamespy actually allowed K7 SIN to keep it's explicit chaotic ness intact, as long as I place an adequate warning page in front of the actual site.
(In case you were wondering, no K7 SIN does not have a warning page to be cool, it's an actual command that I must abide by or at least respect.)

Click thumbnail in order to enlarge pic.
note: I edited my name & sign up url out of the pic.

Current: Unfortunately it's that very same brand of K7 SIN's trademark chaotic like style of presentation that happens to be K7 SIN's downfall.
Since only individuals who have played Killer 7 before would understand the approach that I was going for.
Everybody else will either be confused by a layout that intentionally breaks every single established web design conventions, or out right offended by the content contained in K7 SIN.
As a result of the explicit nature of the site most Video game web sites wish not to involved or associated with K7 SIN at all.
I even have a hard time trying to find a fellow Gamespy affiliate.
This does not only apply to web masters,
as it even extends to regular web surfers whom get disgusted with K7 SIN.
(K7 SIN was linked at several top link sites, but I took them all down once it became apparent that every time that K7 SIN made the top 10...

Most individuals would score K7 SIN a 1 out of 5/10 & claim utter nonsense such as "Nothing special"
I find that a little hard to swallow though since I rarely ever see any websites on the web that have as much content as K7, but ah well that's the way the cookie crumbles.
Although K7 SIN has now established a permanent base of operations, the site & forum itself go by largely ignored & are quite frequently uninhabited.
Which is quite odd since I often receive a lot of positive feedback regarding K7 SIN.
(This is the irony of Killer 7 SINdicate it is as despised & loved as the actual game "Killer 7".
Although there are quite a few who appreciate the work that I'm doing, there are hundreds more who would wish that K7 SIN just die already. In effect, it already has....
K7 SIN now lives on as the

Starting in January 22, 2008. K7 SIN has decided to eschew it's former focus on Killer 7's politics, and has now branched off into being a general Suda 51/ Grasshopper manufacture site.

In May 2009 the site was officially passed to a new webmaster, Xed51.

Site Awards:

Self proclaimed My Melody award for forum with the most one post wonders.

Self proclaimed Cutie Honey Milk-Chan award for most colossall flop since Killer 7.

Self proclaimed Ebihara Yuri award for most renounced &/or dead website affiliations.
XXXXXXXX seal of pretentiousness award for Topdrunkee being the first son of a bitch to be called out by name within an Isomnia editorial.
See this thread for context.
Over dramatic Audio by Topdrunkee

click here for version 2


Purpose of Killer 7 SINdicate:
Killer 7 is more of a collection of themes, and ideas rather than an actual fable.
It's often a bit problematic to collect all the ideas & themes as a single entity.
Killer 7 has very diverse source material to work with.
You can make a fan site covering any angle you want.
From Philosophical, Psychological, Political, Mythical, Conspiracy, Super natural, Symbolism ,Cultural references, Subliminal brainwashing, Rant about how badass the story is, or all of the above.

Killer 7 SINdicate strives for the conspiracy theory & political angle.
Conspiracy theories are loosely based on politics.
K7 SIN mainly concentrates on the politics between U.S.A. & Japan,
because IMO it's the only part of the game that doesn't rely on conjecture, theories & assumptions.
It also requires the least amount of sleuthing.
(Much of the politics that occurs in Killer 7 seem to loosely mirror the real life U.S.A. & Japan.)

In other words geopolitics of Killer 7 is the only information about the game that could be considered concrete,& etched in stone.
It is also K7 SIN's desire to cover most if not all of Suda 51's main games.
(Moonlight Syndrome,FSR,Silver Case,ETC.)
Starting in 2008,. K7 SIN has decided to eschew it's former focus on Killer 7's politics, and has now branched off into being a general Suda 51/ Grasshopper manufacture site.

The K7 SINdicate are:

Current Webmaster: Xed AKA Xed51

The current owner of Killer7 SIN. He used to be the only italian fan of Suda51, but he escaped Italy after seducing and killing an innocent girl during a night of Moonlight Syndrome. He was then arrested, & put in a brand new stock body after being brainwashed by ELBOW.

Ex-Webmaster: Kirby 7 AKA Topdrunkee Tha ILLnificent
He's the creator, the architect behind the SINdicate.
Responsible for the completely F'ed up layout,& majority of the content.
Rumoured to have BRK'd (beat, raped, & killed) three fairly attractive big (+ Y +), big ( Y ) whores
during the night of the Silver Case murders, and has sought solace at Hotel Flower, Sun, & Rain.
In order to elude from the hit contracted to the Killer7.
Some have speculated that this isolated incident was a direct after effect of the Moonlight Syndrome...
It's become quite apparent to us now, that there are indeed NO MORE HEROES!
Topdrunkee's My Space


Trivia/Subculture specialist: Cuture Sin


Citizen Sin's My Space

Japanese to English translator/ Moderator:
Con Smiths Angel

Con's Angel My Space

Forum Staff:

Forum Admin: Jedi Link
(Suspected Serial Killer Bunny!!!)
Jedilinks's My Space

Reviewer & Mod: Akura Houshi
Describes herself as Thy Anime Bitch turned Gamer.
The 1st persona to join the SINdicate.
She's Genjo Sanzo's girl.
The dreamy blonde haired, blue eyed, glam rock monk with a bad attitude,
a severe smoking addiction, and a love/hate relationship with Goku
Akura's blog

Forum Moderators:
Angel KIA

Red Ninja

Free lance Artists/Authors:

Kitano Smith

Earthbound Mother


WHAT thE FuCK!!!!!!!:
Adolf Hitler AKA Invisible Hand

"213-Du werdest eine krankenschwester brauchen!!!"

Uwe Boll

Japanese to English translator: position open
This position is mainly for 100% accurate coverage on
Suda 51 games not released overseas.
Mainly the Moonlight Syndrome, Silver Affair,& FSR games.

Special Thanks:
Akushitsu for all the comic book scans, Sal for the K7 sound rips,unreleased K7 tracks, & movie rips,Gamespy for being crazy enough to pay the hosting bill for a site that's as f'ed up in the head as K7 SIN.


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