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" The zombie is a resurrected corpse. The behaviour of a zombie is extremely basic - it will attack any enemy creatures regardless of the tactical situation. This remorseless hunger is very useful in many circumstances, but is not particularly intelligent. "

high health
picks up
slow moving
poor combat and defense
basic AI

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experience promotions

chief - "carrion"

Chief zombies will gain the ability to reagin health by eating dead bodies. similar to a troll or wolf.
They also have a special attack. The chief zombie can pull off his arm and then swipe at an enemy with it.

lord - "pestilence"

The lord zombie is permanently afflicted with pestilence. It will infect any creature it attacks in close combat as though with a pestilence spell. It will only affect creatures it attacks.

tips and tactics

using zombies

Best used in a defensive role, or as cannon fodder in combined attacks. The zombie is best used in a defensive role, or as cannon fodder in combined attacks. However, with its promotion abilities it is transformed into a sinister attacking unit.

defeating zombies

Zombies are of a chaos alignment, therfore they can be heavily damaged or even killed using bury or the more expensive judgement spell.

alternative spell choices

The zombie is not disimilar to a skeleton - stronger, but slower.

The spell ingredient psillosibin can produce the spells:
  • summon zombie,
  • summon eagle and
  • summon faerie.

  • ingredient


    All three of the creatures are bottom of the range, but being so cheap allows them to be cast in packs, ans in packs they can all be devastating. The fearie is the most powerful of the three able to move the fast to a target, and attack with a long range combat that the other two don't have.

    Got a zombie tactic? let us know!