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Z:Steel Soldiers Vehicles

Jeep: Light and very weak, don't forget that the jeep is the faster unit in the game (if you don't consider the bomber, but that's another story). With it you can do early scouting while you don't have spies or snipers ready to fight, and quickly weaken the enemy just when nobody have many troops yet. Another great strategy for the jeep, specially in open maps is trapping the enemy mortars. Once the enemy move ahead to fight you, he generally will leave the toughs/snipers in the front and the mortars behind, so if you have one jeep group you can easily outflank and get them unprotected - generally even getting away with it. This will severely hamper the enemy force's efficiency, so try to master this powerful tactic. You can also do it with light tanks, which are more flexible and resistant, but much slower.

Light Tank: Largely disregarded as a second-hand unit, the light tank is the answer for the crowds plight: a terrific tough killer. It takes many rocket shots and moves quickly toward the toughs, which simply lose their ability to attack once the light tank get closer than their minrange. the light tanks are very powerful units, specially when 'en masse', but can't substitute the toughs for mobile AA protection.

Medium Tank: The first real "tank" available for your army, since it fires rockets instead of using twin machine guns like the light tank. Nice reload and above average resitance, they aren't as slow as toughs and surpass them in cost-effectiveness. The problem is that they, as any expensive and long-buildtime unit, are hard to be made in numbers, so never leave them alone in the battlefield. Also never trust on medium tanks against massed toughs, 'coz the toughs have larger firing range than the medium. Nevertheless, covered by some toughs to divide enemy fire and offer great AA protection, the medium tanks offer a tremendous attack power that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Heavy Tank: This massive beast sports impressive range, armour and attack power, but is very slow and requires careful protection since it can't handle a large number of robots by itself due to a not-that-large splash range for his shot - differently from his original Z version. You can use heavy tanks to quick and easily put down tank gun or bunker forests unharmed. The biggest tip, both for the Heavy Tank and the Medium Tank, is that if you notice the enemy mobile forces will overpower your own, start moving the tanks(s) away from the enemy. While the robots will have to stop to aim and shoot, the Tanks will keep getting out of their range while firing relentlessly.

Mortar Tank: The mortar tank is not only the best mobile ranged artillery in the game, with decent speed and high reload rate, but also the best "crowd control" unit in Z:SS. Its plasma shot explosion spreads along a large area when it lands, generally killing tons of psychos or toughs in no time. To avoid mortar fire when using large robot forces, get used to using the "X" shortcut (scatter) in the keyboard. Generally, the best companion for the mortar are a couple snipers and many psychos, which are good to attract enemy troops toward your mortars fire, and light tanks to fight the pesky jeeps that'll try to destroy them and offer some decent AA. Before you ask why psychos and not toughs, think for a moment: at the bottom line, the mortar fire is what will kill the enemy troops - but also your own. Would you rather lose psychos or toughs? ;)

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Mike Montgomery

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