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Z & Z Expansion
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Z:Steel Soldiers Mission 29

1. You need to get to your base quickly (!) with light tanks (also try to save as much as you can).
2. Remove all robots from bunkers (send them to defend your command centre).
3. Build 2 shield generators. You will need credits (to get them salvage all anti-tank cannons you got, because omega device launch will make them unusable anyway). Try to get 2-3 toughs also. Using construction robots get 2 zones under your command centre (on south).
4. Using shield generators, stay till you get reinforcements.
5. When they arrive, keep some forces near your base, send others to capture left part of map.
6. Make some more units (and factories) and capture the right part of the map.
Additional: Be sure enemy don't want to attack you with shockweave or fighter bomber ('coz this would kill you).

by MafioZo

Initially take all your jeeps except one up to the northwest section of the map. If you take the one remaining jeep south along the coast and then east into the base you shouldn’t encounter anything with it. As soon as the base becomes operational set all your heavy tanks to defend and line them up north of your base and immediatly set your bot factory to keep cranking out Toughs! Now quickly sell off your guns around your HQ they wont do you any good anyway. Also sell off your northeast bunker and order those units to take the flag to the east. Have your tough's form up in front of your tanks so that the tanks can fire into the extended LOS and not be targeted for damage. Now take those jeeps in the northwest corner and head east into the blue zone. You will encounter two guns. Silence them and take out the vehicle factory and the air hanger and wait for the construction bot to come to rebuild. If you start taking heavy canon fire you’ve gone to Far East and south. If you are lucky you may be able to maneuver a jeep or two close enough to take out the bot factory as well but your main goal is to keep taking out any aircraft and construction bots that enter a small section in the northwest corner of the northern base zone and to keep the vehicle factory in ruins. While all of this is going on take any base vehicles you can spare and keep trying to take and control at least Four or possibly five zones east and west. In your southwest corner is a tough nut to crack and you may want to wait to tackle it until after the timer expires and you receive reinforcements. You will eventually lose all of the jeeps but you should have at least 10 to 20 toughs in place just north of your tank line and in various zones you may control after the timer expires and you receive re-enforcements. After that you shouldn’t have any problems mopping up. The key is to keep them from continuing to pound you while the counter is ticking down with anything but their initial tanks, infantry and aircraft. Also you might want to sell off your vehicle factory to keep credits rolling in for tough production. Also do not build anything. You need every tough that your factory can produce. The trick is surviving the 20 mins - from there on in it should be a piece of cake.

By Lobo





Mike Montgomery

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