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Z:Steel Soldiers Mission 15

Not as easy as it first seems. About 5-6 min into the game the computer will throw almost everything its got towards your base. Being too aggressive trying to take all the map (an efficient tactic in previous missions) will mean losing your valuable initial units and lowering even more your chances.

That's one way to do it: put the lasers and one builder into the APC (and Lassar if you're feeling really wild) and send them to the neighbour island. Once they get there, they'll destroy or capture the defenses in a sec. If you've destroyed the defenses, set one up (1 AA, 1 TG) for you ASAP.

At your base, build an anti-aircraft defense at the west side of your base then build a robot factory to produce infinite toughs. Move your remaining ground troops and your mortars toward the north territory. Sync their arrival so the mortars are fully efficient to destroy the medium tanks that await you, with as few losses as possible. Well positioned, your snipers can also give you some medium tanks for free.

At your west front, move ahead, the neighbour 2 territories are easy to take control of early into the mission. Back at the base, use your captured vehicle factory to build 3 mortars + 1 jeep and set the infinite option. To take the southeast territories, wait till you get a couple more mortars and use all them to back up at least three medium tanks (there's one abandoned near your base). As soon as you capture that neighbour territory, you'll also get a heavy gun, so get one AA defense up there.

Now comes the trick: Get a couple mortars and around 4 pyros to keep the bridge to the left of your base permanently destroyed. The computer knows that's the faster and easier route to defeat you, so keep your ears wide open to the "bridge repaired" message, and put it down again. This will earn you some valuable time to get even more mortars up, and add that to a couple heavy guns, one at the north and one at the east of your base. The enemy will then choose the middle-northeast bridge to invade. When the AI forces get to the east ladder to reach your base, they'll be unforgivingly crushed due to the large splash area and damage of the mortars and heavy guns. Just remember to give the mortars some LOS (use snipers or scout helis) and reinforce the "trap" by some AA defenses.

After his main force is destroyed, simply keep advancing towards his territory and gathering troops, and the victory will be at your hands.







Mike Montgomery

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