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FAQ - Problems and Performance I

Q - The game runs just fine in skirmish and singleplayer.. but when i create, or join, a server, the game runs ridiculously slow. Why, and how it could be fixed?
A - If you have already installed the newest patch, best option is that your friend's computer is a)slow or b)misconfigured. Most probably B. Why? Because the Z2 netcode "levels down" the gameplay taking as reference the slowest performance machine. To exemplify, I have an Athlon 1.3Ghz, my friend's got an Athlon 900Mhz, both with Geforce2GTS'. His performance sucked, and so did mine when we tried to play multiplayer. After profiling, I found out his fps were around 20, and mine was around 120. So I've applied the "fast setting" in geforcetweak ( at his machine, his performance jumped up to 90 fps and then everything went smooth. Ok, so his machine is not as fast as mine, and I actually end up playing at "900"mhz and this is somewhat deceptive, but things are getting better at each patch released. Maybe the bitbros will be even kind enough to add some prediction or assyncronous code and we'll finally be able to multi at our fastest speed, who know? ;)

Q - Why I can't run the game using my ATI card?
A - Everyone that have a choice should run away from the ATI cards as much as they can, since it's the only card that has many issues with Z:SS. Anyway, if you have one, you can try the newest Beta drivers, which according to the Bitmaps solves the problem.

Q - from the launcher i click on the play button and it starts up the little z2 logo and after that it disappears and I'm still at desktop...
A - Doesn't the taskbar show steel soldiers up? If it does, just click it and there you go. This is a well known issue with Windows 2000 which was fixed in the v2 patch.

Q - Z:SS always starts in 640x480 mode. Why? I haven't got a clue! Before each session I now have to adjust all settings to suit my personal taste.
A - Although far from obvious, use profiler to define you preferred settings. I suggest disabling Detail Textures, Antialiasing and V-sync, and selecting 16-bit for both options to assure best performance. In patch 3 sometimes you have problems to keep your preferred settings - like the auto-deselect mode - throughout game sessions.

Q - I've tried everything to get this running but can't pass from start screen! I'm about to get nuts about it. Should I throw the game away or return it?
A - Don't! Are you crazy to miss this marvelous babe? Supposing you have the most recent drivers for everything (specially if you own a SB Live), did you:
1) Phisically removed your soundcard?
2) Borrowed a friend's video card and checked if it worked?
3) Reinstalled your whole system and OS bare bones (no cards or peripherals other than the video card)?
Although very radical solutions, if these don't work you probably have a motherboard problem and should e-mail EON support directly. (

Q - What should I do if I keep getting DirectX errors??
A - (by Cotsz) Do as follow:
1. Uninstall your previous drivers of all yours graphics card.
2. Delete your DirectX directory (C:\WINDOWS\DirectX).
3. Clear all files in your C:\WINDOWS\TEMP (and/or C:\TEMP).
4. Scan your disk C:\ (Scandisk) under Windows (really impotant)
And eventually Defrag it too.
5. Install the latest version of all your graphics card drivers (and as posible, versions for DirectX 8).
6. Install DirectX 8.0a.

Q - How do I play multiplayer on Gamespy?
A - First download gamespy arcade, it's an automated process after you click the big button on the top of the homepage. After it runs, close the help window (after reading it, preferably :)) and check if it has found Z:SS in your hard drive, you'll have the Z:SS logo somewhere on the left part of the screen if you're all set. Click the logo and you'll be taken to the chat section (players willing to have a Z:SS match). Then if there's a game open and players are all set just double click the game name on the top of the screen. There ya go.

FAQ - Problems and Performance Part 2





Mike Montgomery

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