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Z:Steel Soldiers Aircrafts

Scout Helicopter: A "Psycho in the Sky", as the manual describes it, the scout isn't the best thing to give you LOS, as it name implies, but moves very fast and has decent firepower, specially when massed, what can easily surprise the enemy at not-AA protected areas. If there are toughs around, run like hell or you'll lose all scouts in a fraction of second. It's always a great idea to keep all your scouts (and every heli, BTW) at defensive or even better, while at unknown areas, neutral - that's the only way to stop them from chasing enemy AA fire.

Attack Helicopter: The main combat chopper on Z:SS, the Attack is able to fight even AA units. Obviously it's not cost-effective using attack choppers to fight AA sites or toughs, specially if there are many of them. As noted on the defenses section, one AA site or tough is not that much, but 2 or three will wipe your air force before you can even fire. If you wanna get really serious air-wise, upgrade the armour and speed to the max level and get ready to give nightmares to your foe with some super attack choppers.

Wasp: the Wasp is much more maneauverable than the attack chopper, but isn't that good against them. Its laser is much more efficient against tanks, and, as a most noticeable advantage over the attack, the wasp doesn't need to retreat to an hangar to reload its weapon. The Wasp does have reload in the form of a "cool-down" for its rotary laser cannon, but once you get some of them this is barely noticeable.

Fighter Bomber: This bomber is able to infect a large area with its bomb, which isn't very damaging by itself. One interesting thing to know about the fighter bomber is that it carries some very powerful air-to-air missiles, making it a good high distance anti-air weapon, if you spot choppers being crumpled in one area. A great tactic for the fighter is couple him with the Stealth to disrupt even the best defenses: the fighter infects the AA site forest or shield generator, followed by the Stealth bomber which blows the anti-missile station or environmental away, followed by.. well, you get the idea.

Stealth Bomber: The Stealth Bomber is a terrific weapon when used correctly. Able to destroy an Anti-missile with a single run, its missile salvo is great for unit masses wipe out. If you spot a place where your opponent is concentrating his whole army, you can send a single Stealth Bomber to kill most - or all - of their units, severely hampering his forces. Be careful though, 'coz some times there are very high cliffs which'll render your payload totally ineffective. Last tip: don't quote me on that, but I've heard that if you can accumulate 4-5 stealths and infect the enemy command center's anti-missile you'll win the match in a few seconds..
What, you're thinking about trying this yourself? Shame on you, this is laaame! :)


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Mike Montgomery

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