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Item Description
Attacking Items
Coconut Huck at an enemy for 3 damage.
Dusty Hammer Weak, expensive, and pointless.
Egg Missle Tayce T. can make an egg that makes 6 points of damage.
Fire Flower Shoot flame for 3 Damage to everyone.
Pebble As painful as it sounds.
Shooting Star Everyone sees stars while loosing 6 HP.
Snowman Doll Freeze 4 Points out of all enemies.
Thunder Rage Five damage to everyone.
Thunder Bolt Five damage to one enemy.
Repel Gel Toothpaste that turns you invisible.
Stone Cap Protects you from attacks for afew turns.
Strange Cake One of three things: Invisiblity, Electricity, or Sleep.
Volt Shroom Electrifies you and hurts anyone who toches you.
Enemy Stats
Dizzy Dial All enemies become dizzy for a varying amout of time.
Fright Jar Makes some enemies run from battle.
Pow Block Hit with 2 HP and turns shelled enemies over.
Sleepy Sheep All enemies may fall asleep.
Stop Watch I wonder what this does...
Apple Recovers 5 HP
Apple Pie 5 HP, 15 FP
Big Cookie 20 HP recovery item.
Bland Meal 10 HP & FP Recovery
Blue Berry Recovers 5 HP, and soothes well-dwellers.
Boiled Egg Heart and Flowers recovered by eight.
Bubble Berry Five HP (And it pops!)
Cake 15 FP (Eat with or without a fork.)
Cake Mix Eat plain for 1 FP, or make a cake.
Coco Pop Not cocoa, but a coconut popsicle that restores 3 HP and 15 FP.
Delux Feast 2nd best recovery, 40 HP and 40 FP!
Dried Fruit Found in the desert, gets you 15 Hearts.
Dried Pasta 3HP, 2FP
Dried Shroom Recovers 1 HP
Egg Five Heart pts.
Electro Pop Shocking frozen treat that recovers 15 FP.
Fire Pop Spicy recovery of 20 FP, but removal of 1 HP of burns.
Fried Egg Fry the egg, make 10 HP bake--er, back.
Fried Shroom 6 HP and 2 FP from most any Shroom.
Frozen Frieds A heartful of 15 recovery fries.
Goomnut 3 Flower Points from the only tree in Goomba Village.
Healthy Juice A Healthy 40HP recovery.
Honey Candy 20 FP of recovery
Honey Shroom Five HP and Five FP
Honey Super 5 FP and 10 HP
Honey Syrup Just like in SMRPG, Honey Syrup recovers FP. 5 to be exact.
Honey Ultra 50 HP, 5 FP
Hot Shroom 15 HP, 5 FP
Iced Potato Find in the Toad House of Shiver City. It can recover 5 HP
Jammin' Jelly 50 FP recovery--save for desperate times.
Jelly Pop 64 FP recovered
Jelly Shroom Combination of Mushroom and Jammin's abilities: 5 HP, 50 FP
Jelly Super 10 and 50 HP and FP, respectfully.
Jelly Ultra Best of all recoveries: 50 of everything!
Kooky Cookie Fifteen Flowers
Koopa Leaf 3 Flower Points
Koopa Tea A delicacy from Koopa Leaves that recovers seven FP.
Koopasta Seven F&HP
Lemon 1 HP and 2 FP
Lemon Candy 5 HP and 15 FP
Life Shroom Automatically recovers 10 HP when you loose all HP.
Lime Three Flower Points back atcha.
Lime Candy 20 FP is all you get.
Maple Shroom Five HP and Ten FP
Maple Super 10 and 10
Maple Syrup 10 FP--worth more than Honey Syrup, just in like SMRPG.
Maple Ultra 50 HP and 10 FP
Melon 15 HP from Yellow Yoshis.
Mistake Tayce screws up, so only one 1 HP and FP is all you get.
Mushroom It makes you super--er, wait. Wrong game. 5 HP.
Nutty Cake The Nutty Professor's fav 10 FP recovering item.
Potato Salad 10 HP from a Iced Potato?
Red Berry Five Hearts in Flower Fields.
Shroom Cake 10 HP and 10 FP
Shroom Steak 30 HP and 10 FP
Spaghetti Mario's favorite 6 HP and 4 FP recovery item!
Special Shake You can shake 20 FP out of this.
Spicy Soup Don't burn your tongue on this Four HP and FP item!
Stinky Herb Five flower Points recover from fines in Flower Fields.
Strange Leaf Five HP from Boo's Mansion
Super Shroom 10 HP from this double of the Mushroom.
Super Soda Carbonation cures shrinking and poison--and still gives you 5 FP!?!??!
Sweet Shroom 30 HP and 20 FP recoverage.
Tasty Tonic Only recovers poison and shrinking.
Ultra Shroom Recovers 50 HP alone
Whacka's Bump Found in limited quantities, it recovers 25 HP and 25 FP
Yellow Berry 3 HP and 3 FP is all you get!
Yoshi Cookie No, Yoshi doesn't come and eat an enemy--you get 15 HP and FP.
Yummy Meal A yummy 20 HP and 20 FP from this item.
Aincent Artifact Give to Kolorado for a Star Pice.
Beautiful Lyrics Get in Club 64 and give to the composer in Dry Dry Outpost.
Boo's Portrait Find in the Mansion and return it to the empty frame.
Boots Begin the game wearing these.
Calculator Shy Guy's nab this one and you must return it to Rowf.
Cookbook A gift you can give to Tayce T. That allows you to mix items together.
Crystal Ball Give it to Merlee and Merluvlee will give you her autograph.
Crystal Berry Very important in the events of Flower Fields.
Diamond Stone One of three keys to enter Tutankoopa's Tomb.
Dictionary Another of the Shy Guy's plunders. Return to Russ T.
Diploma Beat the Master 3 Times, recive the Diploma.
Dolly Goombaria's missing Peach doll.
Fabulous Scarf One of the snowmen's missing items.
Fertile Soil Perfect soil for a beanstalk.
First-Degree Card Chan's victory gets you this.
Fourth-Degree Card Win the second duel with the Master.
Frying Pan The Shy Guy's stole Tayce T.'s favorite pan!
Hammer Your first weapon.
Jade Raven Get from the leader of Yoshi's Village and place it in the Raven Statue in the jungle.
Kooper's Shell Retrive it and Kooper will join your cause.
Lunar Stone One of three keys into Tutankoopa's Tomb.
Magical Bean Plant in Fertile Soil for a beanstalk.
Magical Seed Seed given to people by Bub-ulbs.
Mail Bag Stolen from the post office by the Shy Guys. Return it, duh!
Marvelous Bucket The second of the missing items for the snowmen.
Miracle Water Water the Magical Bean and the fertile soil!
Mystery Note Written in Shy Guy, Russ T. can decode it with his dictionary.
Odd Key Hidden in the abandoned pump house. It's the key to the door.
Pusle Stone Use to open the way to Dry Dry Ruins.
Pyramid Stone One of three items to get into Tutankoopa's Tomb.
Record Get the record and play it to disctract boos with a classic tune...
Second-Degree Card Defeat Lee for this.
Soothing Melody The composer makes this with Beautiful Lyrics.
Star Stone The key to the Crystal Palace.
Storeroom Key Open up Harry's Toad Town store's back room and get the toy train.
Super Boots Get these and you can do spin jumps.
Super Hammer Break stone blocks with this one.
Third-Degree Card Win once against the Master.
Toy Train Return to Shy Guy's toybox.
Ultra Boots Jump higher and pound the ground harder.
Ultra Hammer Break any block that blocks your path.
Ultra Stone Get this from Rapheal the Raven and you can upgrade members to Ultra Rank.
Volcano Vase Blown from the Volcano's erruption, you can find this in the Jade Jungle and give it to Kolorado.
Warehouse Key Frozen in ince in Shive City.
Water Stone Creates water in a spring that is in Flower Fields
Weight Pull down the chandaleir in the Boo's Mansion and keep it there.
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