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Star Pieces

Goomba Village
1. On the way back from getting the Hammer, a star piece becomes visible on a ledge above. Go around and grab it.
2. In the area where you found the Hammer, whack a tree to release a doll of Peach. Give it to Goombaria for a star piece.
3. With the spin jump, grab the star piece under a panel in the area where Mario first fell into Goomba Village.
4. Near the ruins of the Verdana is another hidden panel with a Star piece.

Goomba Road
1. The closest tree to the Goomba King's fortress hold a piece of star.
2. Beyond the bridge from the fortress is a hidden panel with a Star piece.

Toad Town
1. The treen next to Merlon's house hold a piece.
2. The pond just south of the entrance from Goomba Village has a Star piece on one side. You must swim with Sushie to grab it.
3. Give Russ T.'s dictonary back to him after you retrive it from Shy Guy's toybox.
4. Return the bag of Mail from Shy Guy's toybox.
5. In the tunnels go left, left, through the pipe, right, and across with Parakarry for the only freestanding piece in the tunnels.
6. Strait across form the Dojo is a hidden pannel.
7. Near the guardhouse to Forever Forest is a hidden panel.
8. Near the port in Toad Town is a save point. Near that save point (a little south and east) is a hidden panel.
9. Somewhere in the grassy areas of the Train Statin is a hidden panel.

Shooting Star Summit
1. Right after you enter the area, go to the left untill you grab the piece.
2. Just after the bridge from Peach's castle is a hidden panel.
3. One step up from the bottom of the main summit is a hidden panel.
4. Just outside of Merluvlee's house is yet another Hidden Panel.

Pleasant Path
1. Just before the stone arches of Koopa Bros. Fortress is a tree with a Star piece.
2. On the path to the fortress/village crossroads from Toad Town is an island south of the road. Use Kooper to retrive the piece.
3. The striped poles at the crossroad has a hidden pannel in the center.
4. After the long bridge to Koopa Village, do a Spin Jump to grab a hidden pannel.

Koopa Village
1. After you have Kooper in your party, a Star piece materializes on one of the highest brick blocks in town.
2. South of the shop in town is a hidden Panel.

Mt. Rugged
1. Strait west from Buzzar's nest are two stone arches. Drop through the second one to grab the glowing star piece.
2. The western side of Mt. Rugged (not past the stone block) has a Star piece trapped in its heights.
3. The save block at the start of the mountain marks the area for another Hidden Panel.

Dry Dry Desert
1. Give the Ancient Artifact from Dry Dry Ruins to Kolorado for a Star piece.
2. The area with the stone Cacti has a hidden panel.

Dry Dry Outpost
1. This Star piece resides on the first rooftop you get onto when you go through Sheik's's under a hidden panel.

Dry Dry Ruins
1. When the sand is drained from the second sand draining area you'll find a star piece in the sand's place.

Boo's Mansion
1. Drop onto the wooden boxes in the basement library from the top of the bookshelves. Then, spin jump through both of them to recive a Star piece.
2. In the room where you grab the Spin Jump Boots, find the Hidden Panel on the west side of the room.
3. In the secret room, go downstairs and Spin Jump around in the basement room to find the piece.
4. In the middle of the rug of the main room has a hidden panel.
5. In the eastern room of the second floor, spin jump on the rug to find the Star piece.

Gusty Gultch
1. Just beyond the gate from Boo's Mansion is a hidden Panel.
2. Behind a rock that's located just before Tubba Blubba's castle is a Star piece.

Shy Guy's Toybox
1-4. A hidden panel is located in each of the station's rooms.
5. East of Blue station, use Parakarry to get ontop of a dollhouse to grab a piece.
6. Behind a yellow block near #5 is a Star piece.
7. Under the box with the dictionary is a Star piece.

Jade Jungle
1. On the beach near Yoshi Village is a tree that holds a Star piece rather than a coconut.
2. In the area where Sushi joins you, swim to a nearby island to grab the piece.
3. In the westernmost section of the jungle is a submerged star piece.
4. In tge area where you battle a trio of Pirana Plants on the road to Raphael is a hidden panel.

Yoshi's Village
1. The raven statue near the Village Leader has a hidden panel just south of it on the same island.

Mt. Lavalava
1. In the large room that has a Super Block above on a small ledge is a Hidden Pannel.
2. In the room just west of the stopped spike stone is a hidden panel, and the last star you'll find in the volcano.

Flower Fields
1. In the northwest path is a Star piece.
2. Just east of the Blue Berry tree is a star piece sitting freely (but unseen) in the flowers.
3. In the area with Petunia is a hidden pannel.
4. The east side of the poll that has a Bubble Berry tree has a Hidden Panel.
5. Just south of the Yellow Berry tree is a single hidden pannel.
6. On the way to the Puff Puff machine is a ledge with a Super Block. Spin jump directly over each of the spaces below to make it drop below.

Shiver City
1. Just east of the Mayor's House is a small patch of land with a fence on the south side. Inside this area is a hidden pannel.

Shiver Snowfiled
1. In the area with the snowmen (entrance to Crystal Palace), go strait south from the middle of the snowmen and spin jump to find the hidden panel.

Shiver Mountain
1. From the save point right before the entrace to the Palace, drop down to a hidden ledge below that holds a Star piece.

Crystal Palace
1. Leave the palace on the northern side of the glass and enter the cave to grab a Star piece.
2. Spin Jump in the room (red door floor) with the giant Albino Dino statue to grab the piece.
3. The final star piece you seek is hidden in the room with the small Albino Dino statue. Same place (in that room) as #2.

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