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Paper Mario OST
The Lost Tracks

This is a collection of tracks recorded directly from Paper Mario by shadowlink56. The majority of these did not make it into the official soundtrack released by Nintendo Power.

All files are in MP3 format.

1: File Select
2: Mario's House Intro
3: Bowser Takes the Castle
4: In-Game Title Screen
5: Fading Star Spirits
6: Jr. Troopa Intro
7: Jr. Troopa Battle
8: Get New Friend
9: New Friend Theme
10: Kammy Koopa's Theme
11: Chapter Intro*
12: Classic Mario Bros. Theme*
13: Goomba Bros.(Enemy Encounter)
14: Weeping Goombas
15: Goomba King's Castle Intro
16: Win Battle Fanfare
17: Level Up
18: End of Chapter*
19: Find the Fuzzies
20: Beach Tunes in Koopa Village
21: Golden Oldies (Mario World Ending Theme)
22: Spinning Brush (Starman Theme)
23: Sweet Dreams
24: Peach the Sneak
25: Peach Captured!
26: Koopa Bros. Trickery
27: Whistlin' Luigi
28: Underground
29: Train Ride
30: The Oasis
31: Meeting With Moustafa
32: Merlee's Spell
33: Uncovering Dry Dry Ruins
34: Threats of Tutankoopa
35: More Threats
36: New Hammer
37: Solving the Secret of the Chomp Stones
38: Badge Shop
39: Merlon's House
40: Russ T. and the Dictionary
41: The Dojo
42: Master Battle
43: Tayce T.'s House
44: Club 64
45: Chanterelle's Song
46: Changerelle's Full Song
47: Creepy Ghosts
48: Boo's Dance
49: Mario Bros. Theme On Vinyl
50: Get Item
51: Refill
52: Invincible Tubba Blubba
53: Abandoned Warehouse in Toad Town
54: Gourmet Guy Gets His Fill
55: Get a Badge
56: Whip it Peach!
57: Giant Tuna...Whale
58: Sailing on the Whale
59: Deep Jungle
60: 64th Trivia Quizz-off
61: Playing the Quiz-off
62: And That's the Game!
63: Flower Fields' Door Appears
64: Monty Moles Attack Petunia
65: Petunia is Grateful
66: Posie and the Crystal Tree
67: Lily
68: Rose
69: The Sun
70: Puff Puff Machine
71: Clouds Dissipate
72: The Sun is Happy
73: Beanstalk Grows
74: Climbing the Vine
75: Walking On The Clouds
76: Descending the Vine
78: On the Trail
79: The Mayor Awakens
80: Scary Ghost in the Mountains (Star Kids' Defense)
81: Merlar's Cave
82: Crystal King Warning
83: Peach's Lament
84: Star Way Opens
85: Star Haven
86: Star Spell
87: Ride to Bowser's Castle
88: Bowser's Castle Variation 1
89: Caves of Bowswer's Castle
90: Bowser's Castle Variation 2
91: Bowser's Castle Variation 3
92: Peach's Castle Atop Bowser's Castle
93: Bowser Defeated
94: Bowser's Castle Blows Up
95: Game Over

* Did appear in the offical soundtrack.

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