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NP's Guide Mistakes

Nintendo Power

Nintendo Power has always been seen as a great Player's Guide maker,
but when they created the SMRPG Player's Guide they seemed to faulter.
The guide is riddled with mistakes, both spelling and gameplay mistakes.
Nintendo helped in the production, and you'd expect they'd be able to
create an accurate player's guide. Here are the mistakes in the guide:

(If you see an symbol on the site, that mean's NP didn't even have it in the guide!)

PG 6 & 7: There are just too many mistakes to list! The starting of the game didn't go like this; Mario didn't start brawling with every single koopa troopa in sight!

PG 11: Didn't even mention Mallow's mind-reading ability!

PG 14: Nothin' on the Princess's ability to revive a trooper completly with Come Back!

PG 20: They talked about the question man, but didn't speak of the one hidden behind one of the houses there in town. (And why is Mario staring at a wall?)

PG 27: Nintendo Power didn't know that you can reach the trasure box up above at this point in the game...

PG 34: The section on Gaz dosen't really tell anything about the young child, it just tells of the Inn. Also, you can get that Flower Tab untill you beat Bowyer!

PG 35: You can't get to the Gardner's house after you save Toadstool! You gotta talk to a mouse in Monstro Town to see him!

PG 45: I don't think the Frying Pan is in disguise, the guy selling it is just an idiot.

PG 46: Didn't even tell of the 3 Flower Tabs you can get. And I don't think you can get the Power Glove at this point in the game! (I wish you could...)

PG 51: Dosen't tell you about the chance to make a total of 4 more snifits from this area!

PG 54: No mention of the one chance to get the Amulet.

PG 57: Nutin' about being a temporary bellhop! Also, I thought that the Chancelor ruled the Mushroom kingdom with Wisdom and Compasion!

PG 64: Where the heck is "By the Sea"? It's called "Sea"!

PG 74: Still no mention of the chance to get the chest earlier!

PG 76: After every fortune, you can see Belome, but it just takes awhile longer with some!

PG 77: Don't you get a Super Suit for 100 jumps?

PG 79: Dosen't even mention that Culex is acutally a traveler from the far off galaxy of Final Fantasy 2!

PG 81: Tells you nothing about the Star Egg in this part of the guide! (Where it should be.)

PG 83: You can actually play Beetle Mania as soon as you bring Toadstool back to the Mushroom Kingdom!

PG 85: Who the heck is Valentia? I thought her name was Valentina!

PG 92: That "Czar Dragon" picture looks more like a red Barney if you ask me!

PG 94: Reeeeeeal nice description of Vistal Hill.

PG 97: They failed to mention the hidden room off to the side of the room where you first meet Croco! (Confused?)

PG 107: Forkies? Where are you?

PG 108: Um, forgot to give stats to Grim Reaper. Also, I didn't know that Lakitu had a higher Attack rating than Culex! (I think it should be 45, not 450!)

PG 109: Where's Paratroopa?

PG 110: Shouldn't Shyper be a Shyster? Wrong image, too!

PG 114: Jinx Clone seems to have been left out of the guide...

PG 122: It's Super Suit, not Super Jacket.

Guide scan courtesy The Mushroom Kingdom.

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