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Side Quests

Koopa Koot's Favors
The elder of Koopa Village lives in the last house in town, and his motto is "If it walks, use it untill it drops." He will give measly prizes for most favors, but its the few biggies that you're after.

1. Koopa Legends - 1 Coin
Talk to Kolorado's wife and she'll find the book the Koopa needes. What it really is is a mystery...

2. Sleepy Sheep - 1 Coin, Silver Credit
Go buy a Sleepy Sheep in Toad Town to aid the koot's sleep.

3. The Tape - 1 Coin
Talk to Goombario's Grandpa for Koopa Koot's missing video tape. What's on it is also a mystery; but I do have a hunch...

4. Koopa Tea - 3 Star Pices
Give Tayce T. a koopa leaf to make the tea.

5. Luigi's Autograph - 1 Coin
Have your brother sign a pice of paper to give to Koopa Koot.

6. Empty Wallet - 1 Coin
Koopa Koot dropped his wallet somewhere in Koopa Village. Retrive it from the bushes.

7. Tasty Tonic - 1 Coin
Buy one of the drinks from the shop west of Tayce T.'s place.

8. Merluvlee's Autograph - 3 Star Pices
It appears Koopa Koot has a crush on the old fortune teller. Talk to her, and she'll make you grab a crystal ball from her sister in the back alleys of Dry Dry Outpost. Give her the crystal ball, and you'll get the autograph.

9. Toad Town News - 1 Coin
Read the news sign front and back and repeat the news to the old Koot.

10. Life Shroom - 1 Coin, Gold Credit
Buy a Life Shroom somewhere and give it to the man.

11. Nutty Cake - 1 Coin
A Goomnut given to Tayce T. makes this treat.

12. Stop the Noise - 3 Star Pices
Talk to the bob-ombs in Kooper's House with Bombette to make them stop the ruckass.

13. Old Photo - 1 Coin
Talk to the ghost just inside of Boo's Mansion to recive the picture Koopa Koot craves.

14. Koopasta - 1 Coin
Give Tayce T. a Koopa Leafe and Dried Pasta to make some Koopasta.

15. Koopa Koot's Glasses - 1 Coin
Like his wallet, Koopa Koot dropped his glasses somehwere in town.

16. Lime - 3 Star Pices
Grab a lime from the oasis in the desert and give it to the elder.

17. Kooky Cookie - 1 Coin
Koopa Leaf and Cake Mix makes this cookie.

18. Package - 1 Coin
One of the ghosts in Gusty Gultch has a package for the koot. Talk to him, leave the area so he can find it, and come back and talk to him to grab the box.

19. Coconut - 1 Coin
Grab a coconut from Lavalava Island and give to the Koopa.

20. Red Jar - 3 Star Pices
Go to the Dry Dry Outpost shop and buy a Dusty Hammer, Dried Pasta, Dusty Hammer, and Dried Shroom in that order to recive the red jar that Koopa Koot seeks.

I think you can complete this one without my help, can't ya?

Information Station Trading Game
To access this tiny side quest, go to the Koopa Village and enter the blue roof house. Click the radio on the floor to the Information Station and you'll hear the who, what and where of the game. The eccentric fellow is the one dressed in mostly pinkish clothing. Here are the finer details:

Item Location Prize Comments
Koopa Leaf Entrance to Toad Town (from Goomba Villiage) Maple Syrup To grab a Koopa Leaf, check the bushes around Koopa Village.
Nutty Cake Dry Dry Ruins Maple Super For a nutty cake, give Tayce T. a Goomnut (hit the tree in Goomba Village). To get to Dry Dry Ruins quickly, go one area to the left from the stone cacti and then up untill you hit the ruins.
Coconut Club 64 Yummy Meal For a coconut, just whack any treen on the beach of Lava Lava Island. Club 64 is located next to the docks in Toad Town.

Rip Cheato
All of Rip Cheato's items are priced at $64. Once you recive the third star pice from the loon, leave him!

1. Star Pice
2. Life Shroom
3. Bump Attack
4. Repel Gel
5. Star Pice
6. Super Shroom
7. Mushroom
8. Dried Shroom
9. Dried Shroom
10. Star Pice
11 & Up. Dried Shroom

Li'l Oinks
The pen can hold ten, and when it hits 11, one scampers away leaving an item in its wake. Here are what each one gives:

Color Item
Black Dried Shroom
Flower Maple Syrup
Gold Ultra Shroom
Pink Fire Flower
? Mark Repel Gel
Shroom Life Shroom
Silver Jammin' Jelly
Star Shooting Star
Tiger Thunder Rage
White Super Shroom

Letter Delivery
Lost Letter Location To Address
Mt. Rugged Kolorado Anywhere
Mt. Rugged Merlon Toad Town
Dry Dry Desert Goompa Goomba Village
Dry Dry Desert Mort T. Koopa Village
Dry Dry Outpost Nomadimouse Dry Dry Desert
Gusty Glutch Fice T. Toad Town
Jade Jungle Russ T. Toad Town
Jade Jungle Igor Boo's Mansion Shop
Flower Fields Minh T. Toad Town
Shiver Snowfield Merlow Shooting Star Summit
Shiver Snowfield Mayor Penguin Shiver City

One of the letters from Mt. Rugged turns to some chain mail:
To Address
Goompapa Goomba Village
Muss T. Mushroom Castle
Koover Koopa Village
Fishmael Toad Town
Koover Koopa Village
Mr. E Dry Dry Outpost
Miss T. Toad Town
Little Mouser Dry Dry Outpost
Franky Boo's Mansion
Dane T. Toad Town
Red Yoshi Kid Yoshi's Village
Dane T. Toad Town
Frost T. Starborn Valley
Goompapa Goomba Village

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