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Name BP FP Location Use
All or Nothing 4 0 Rowf's Shop Raise Attack 1, but must do action command or you'll miss.
Attack FX A 0 0 Merluvlee's House Changes sounds.
Attack FX B 0 0 Pleasant Path Changes sounds.
Attack FX C 0 0 Dry Dry Desert Changes sounds.
Attack FX D 0 0 Toad Town Changes sounds.
Attack FX E 0 0 Shiver City Changes sounds.
Bump Attack 5 0 Toad Town Tunnels Touch an enemy, kill an enemy.
Chill Out 2 0 Merluvlee's House Prevents first strikes against you.
Close Call 1 0 Goomba Road If you're in danger, some attacks will miss.
D-Down Jump 2 2 Tubba Blubba's Castle Cause jumping damage and drop enemy defense.
D-Down Pound 2 2 Rowf's Shop Cause hammer damage and drop enemy defense.
Damage Dodge 3 0 Rowf's Shop/
Mt. Rugged
Action command defense raised 1 point.
Deep Focus 1 0 Shy Guy's Toybox/
Bowser's Castle/
Peach's Castle
Focus star power more.
Defend Plus 6 0 Shy Guy's Toybox Raise defense by one.
Dizzy Attack 2 0 Pleasant Path Your Z spinn attack will do a first strike that spinns the enemy dizzy.
Dizzy Stomp 1 2 Mt. Lavalava Stomp an enemy for a dizzy return.
Dodge Master 2 0 Rowf's Shop If your action command is a wee bit off, you'll still do it.
Double Dip 1 3 Rowf's Shop Use two items in one turn.
Feeling Fine 3 0 Merluvlee's House The Paper Mario equivilant of the Lazy Shell. No status changes!
Fire Shield 2 0 Mt. Lavalava Stop fire enemies with ease. Also, one defense added with their attacks.
First Attack 1 0 Rowf's Shop First strike weak enemies and they will be defeated. Instantly.
Flower Finder 3 0 Merluvlee's House More flowers after you win a battle.
Flower Saver 6 0 Flower Fields/
Merluvlee's House
One less flower need for attacks.
FP Plus 3 0 Rowf's Shop/
Pleasant Path/
Forever Forest
Raises FP number by 5.
Group Focus 2 0 Rowf's Shop Party members can also use Focus.
Hammer Throw 2 2 Goomba Road Throw you hammer in battle, duh!
Happy Flower 3 0 Merluvlee's House/
Flower Fields
Get some flowers back each turn during battle.
Happy Heart 3 0 Merluvlee's House/
Jade Jungle
Geat hearts each turn in battle.
Heart Finder 3 0 Merluvlee's House More hearts after battle.
HP Drain 3 0 Merluvlee's House Decrease attack, but regain 1 heart each turn.
HP Plus 3 0 Pleasant Path/
Rowf's Shop/
Forever Forest
Maximum heart +5
I Spy 1 0 Rowf's Shop A tone sounds when you're near a hidden Star Pice panel.
Ice Power 2 0 Shy Guy's Toy Box Raise defense and attack against fire enemies.
Jump Charge 1 1 Rowf's Shop Charge up your jump attacks.
Last Stand 1 0 Peach's Castle If you're in danger, enemy attack power will be cut in half.
Lucky Day 7 0 Goomba Village Enemy attacks miss more often.
Mega Jump 3 6 Shiver Mountain Most poerful jump attack.
Mega Quake 3 7 Rowf's Shop Attack all ground/celing enemies.
Mega Rush 1 0 Tubba Blubba's Castle 1 HP left, Attack +4
Mega Smash 3 6 Flower Fields Most powerful hammer attack.
Money Money 7 0 Merluvlee's House DOUBLE the number of coins won after battle.
Multibounce 1 2 Rowf's Shop Exactly like Mega Jump in SMRPG, only no prizes for getting high numbers.
P-Down, D-Up 2 0 Crystal Palace Attack goes down 1, Defense Up 1
P-Up, D-Down 2 0 Crystal Palace Attack +1, Defense -1
Pay-off 2 0 Merluvlee's House The more damage you withstand, the more money you get after battle.
Peekaboo 3 0 Merluvlee's House Shows any enemies' HP, tattle or not.
Power Bounce 2 3 Koopa Bros. Fortress Just like Super Jump from SMRPG.
Power Jump 1 2 Goomba Village +2 to jump attacks.
Power Plus 6 0 Merluvlee's House/
Shy Guy's Toy Box
Adds one attack power to Jump and Hammer.
Power Quake 2 4 Jade Jungle A more powerful Quake badge.
Power Rush 1 0 Peach's Castle Peril causes more power.
Power Smash 1 2 Toad Town Tunnels A harder hitting hammer attack.
Pretty Lucky 3 0 Merluvlee's House More misses, more often.
Quake Hammer 1 2 Mt. Rugged Hit all ground and ceiling enemies.
Quick Change 4 0 Merlon's House Switch allies and then still have a turn.
Refund 1 0 Koopa Bros. Fortress Recive coins for using an item in battle.
Runaway Pay 2 0 Dry Dry Desert Earn the star points you've gained even if you run away.
S. Jump Chg. 2 4 Cloudy Climb Power up the next jump attack you use.
S. Smash Charge 2 4 Rowf's Shop Charge the next hammer attack alot.
Shrink Stomp 1 2 Toad Town Tunnels Jump on an enemy, shrink them--which cuts attack in half.
Sleep Stomp 1 2 Rowf's Shop Jump on an enemy to put it to sleep. (Knock it out cold, really.)
Slow Go 0 0 Dry Dry Ruins A well hidden item that makes you walk whereever you go.
Smash Charge 1 1 Koopa Bros. Fortress Power up Hammer
Speedy Spin 1 0 Rowf's Shop Z Spin goes twice the distance and speed.
Spike Sheild 2 0 Dry Dry Ruins Hit enemies with spikes without hurt!
Spin Attack 3 0 Dry Dry Desert Z Spin into enemies to defeat them.
Spin Smash 1 2 Rowf's Shop Cause damage to an enemy--which then spins into the next one! Double damage!
Triple Dip 3 6 Crystal Palace Three items in one turn.
Zap Tap 4 0 Merluvlee's House Some weak enemies get a shock from touching the plumber.
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