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Quizmo Guide

1. What is the name of Goombario's younger sister?

2. What is the color of the block you can break with the first hammer you got?

3. What ability does Goombario frequently use?

4. What color of pants does Goomba King wear?
     Red and White

5. Which of Mario's battle commands is on the far left?

6. How many windows des the Goomba House in Goomba Village have?

7. What's the name of the leader of the Red and Blue Goomba bros.?
     Goomba King

8. What color are Luigi's pants?

9. How many members are there in Goombario's family?

10. What will you recive for a right answer in the quiz?
     Star Pice

11. What is the name of the smart toad living in Toad Town?
     Russ T.

12. How many buildings are there in Koopa Village?

13. Of the following, who is NOT a member of the Koopa Bros.?
     Blue Ninjakoopa

14. How many coins are needed to buy a Mushroom in Koopa Village?
     4 Coins

15. Where does Merluvlee, who tells fortunes about special things, live?
     Shooting Star Summit

16. What is the name of the charactor who joined you at Koopa Bros. Fortress?

17. What color is Bowser's hair?

18. How many Star Spirits do you have to save?

19. What's the name of the elderly Koopa Troopa who always asks for errands to be run?
     Koopa Koot

20. How many Bob-ombs besides Bombette were in imprisoned in Koopa Bros. Fortress?

21. Where is the house of the explorer, Kolorado?
     Koopa Village

22. What is the destination of the train that departs from Toad Town Station?
     Mt. Rugged

23. What is the name of the fellow that sells badges in Toad Town?

24. What treasure did Bowser steal from Star Haven?
     Star Rod

25. What color is the roof of the house in Koopa Village where you can listen to the radio?

26. Who does Kooper idolize?

27. What does Merlee of Dry Dry Outpost specalize in?
     Casting Spells

28. Who hides inside a coffin in Dry Dry Ruins?
     Pokey Mummy

29. What do you get when you take Star Pices to Merlow at Shooting Star Summit?

30. Who knew the location of Dry Dry Ruins in Dry Dry Desert?

31. When you want Tayce T. to make Lemon Candy, what do you have to give her besides a lemon?
     Cake Mix

32. Who among the following lives in Forever Forest: Jr. Trooper, Oaklie, or Cleft?

33. What are Boos exactly?

34. What appears when you hit the Whacka living on Mt. Rugged?

35. Other than Lemons, what fruit drops when you hit a tree in the desert oasis?

36. What is the name of the strange person in Toad Town who can increase Mario's status?
     Chet Rippo

37. What ability does Bombette frequently use?

38. What does Gourmet Guy like?

39. Who was the second companion to join your team?

40. Who tried to steal Coins from you in the desert?

41. What is the name of the Star Spirit who can use Star Storm?

42. What are addressed to your comanions and sent to the post office?

43. Among the following, which building is NOT in Toad Town: Shop, Station, or Mayor's House?
     Mayor's House

44. What kind of book did Gourmet Guy drop?
     Cook Book

45. Who am I?
     Chuck Quizmo

46. Where do I show up?
     In Towns and Villages

47. What is the name of the plant that grows in Jade Jungle and blows out stars?

48. What color is the leader of Yoshi Village?

49. What is the name of the elderly man who tells fortunes in Toad Town?

50. How many colors of Yoshis did you see in Yoshi Village?

51. How would the Yoshi Kids in Yoshi's Village describe Sushie?

52. What building is across from the Toad Town post office?
     Merlon's House

53. What kind of card do you get when you defeat Lee at the Dojo in Toad Town?
     2nd Degree

54. What color is the brooch that Princess Peach wears?

55. Who game you Miracle Water in Flower Fields?

56. What is the name of Lakilester's girlfriend?

57. How do you make the pipe leading to the Toad Town Playroom come out?
     Hit a Tree

58. Among the following, who is inside Club 64: Dancer, Composer, Pop Diva?
     Pop Diva

59. Which of the following do Shy Guys never do--Sing, Dance, or Run?

60. What best describes the relationship between Mario and Luigi?

61. Among the following, who is found in Starborn Valley: Penguin, Lakitu, or Ninji?

62. How many companions do you travel with?

63. What is the name of the Star Kid who's always with Princess Peach?

64. How many Star Spirits have you saved in total?

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