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Enemy Magic

Most mentioned effects are blocked with apropriate protection.

I know this list isn't complete. If you know of any, send them to me!

Spell Name Description
Arrow Rain Damage to all.
Aurora Flash Sleep to all.
Backfire Moderate damage to one.
Big Bang Major damage to all, defeats enemy.
Blast Moderate to little during game.
Blizzard Damage to all memebers.
Body Slam Damage to one member.
Bolt Damage to one memeber.
Bombs Away Major damage to one memeber.
Boulder Moderate damage to all.
Breaker Beam Major damage to all members.
Chomp Random object thrown at one member and causes damage.
Corona Damage to all.
Crystal Damage to one member.
Dark Claw Damage and poison to one member.
Dark Star SEVERE damge to a single member.
Death Sickle Weakens one member.
Diamond Saw Damage to one member.
Doom Reverb Sleep to one member.
Drain Damage to one member.
Drain Miniscule damage to one memeber.
Drain Beam Moderate damage to one member.
Echofinder Mutes one member.
Eerie Jig Puts one member to sleep.
Electroshock Damage to one member.
Elegy Mute to one member.
Endobubble Freaky attack that causes damage to one member.
Fangs Damage to one member.
Fear Roulette Random instant death to one member.
Fire Wall Damage to all.
Flame Damage to one member.
Flame Stone Burning rock hits one member for damage.
Flutterhush Mute to one enemy.
Full House Damage to one member.
Fun and Run A lame attack to one member.
Funguspike One member to a Mushroom.
Get Tough! Raises enemy defense.
Grinder Stab attack to one member.
Gunkball Mute and miniscule damage to one member.
Howl Causes "fear".
Ink Blast Causes "fear".
Iron Maiden Causes "fear".
Jinxed Jinx's most devastating attack on one memeber.
Last Shot Enemy kamakazis one memeber.
Magnum Instant death to one member--unblockable.
Mega Drain Damage to one member.
Mega Recover Enemy recovers alot of HP.
Meteor Swarm Damage to all members.
Mirage Attack Yaridovich splits in two.
Migrane Enemy suicide, instant death or 1 HP (blocked).
Multi-Strike Dodo pecks many times.
Multiplier Splits Yaridovich2 into six drill bits.
Petal Blast Turns one member into a mushroom.
Poison ...If you can't figure this one out...
Petal Nap Nap time for one memeber.
Psyto Plasm Weakens one memeber.
Quicksilver Damage to one member.
Recover Enemy recovers little HP.
Restore Enemy recvoers little HP.
Sand Storm Weakens party.
S'Crow Bell One member to become scarecrow.
S'Crow Dust Unkown result.
S'Crow Funk Turns one member into a scarecrow.
Scythe A rather violent Instant Death.
Shredder Removes the effect of things like Bracer and Geno Boost.
Silver Bullet Instant death to one member.
Skewer Damage to one memeber.
Sledge Damage to all members. Usually Smithy's first attack.
Sleep Sauce Puts one memeber to sleep.
Solidify Damage to all memebers.
Spear Rain Damgae to all members.
Spore Chimes Turns one member into a mushroom.
Sporocyst One member becomes a shroom!
Spritz Bomb Damage to one member.
Static E A little damage to all members.
Stench Posion to one of the party.
Storm Damage to one member.
Super S'Crow Everyone to scarecrows.
Sword Rain Damage to all members.
Terrapunch Little damage from Bowser's troops.
Torte Damage to one member.
Tripple Kick Jinx kicks one member hard.
Ultra Poison Poisons entire party.
Va Va Voom Damage to one member.
Valor Up Enemy defense up.
Venom Drool Poison to one member.
Vigor Up Enemy attack goes up.
Viro Plasm Poisons one member.
Water Blast Damage to all members.
Weird Mushroom Croco recovers 60 HP.
Wild Card Get hit with a deck of cards.
Willy Wisp Powerful magic to one member.
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