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  Playing the game for the first time
When playing the game for the first time, we recommend starting with either the Subspace Emissary or Group Brawl. The reason for such obvious choices is that playing in either of these two modes for an extended period of time will unlock most of the secret characters; and we have a hunch that most people will be spending most if not all of Sunday on Brawl – or if you are lucky starting on Saturday at midnight. Moreover, choosing between the Subspace Emissary and Group Brawl will accommodate for a range of players that can concurrently (or take turns to) enjoy the game.

Use the list below to help you choose which mode is best for your situation:
  • If only 1 player, choose Subspace Emissary
  • If 2 players, choose co-op in Subspace Emissary
  • If 3-4 players, choose Group Brawl
  • If 5-16 players, choose Group Rotation
  • If more than 16 players, invest in another Wii and Smash Bros Brawl game

  • About the Subspace Emissary

    The Subspace Emissary is similar to Melee’s Adventure Mode in concept (e.g., side-scrolling action, game series nostalgia) but has been extensively revamped and extended (about an 8 hour mission) in Brawl. While there is no overarching storyline, the momentum of the plot is driven by short movies. One of the newest (and in our opinion the best) features of Brawl’s Adventure Mode is the possibility of a 2-player co-op, though the camera is dominant on only one player. As your adventures propel you from the Mushroom Kingdom to Dreamland to Planet Zebes, you will have the opportunity to unlock new characters.

    About Group Brawl

    What more can be said other than this mode will likely keep you hooked to Brawl for years to come? Group Brawl once again comes equipped with a series of customizable options found in the Rules tab:
  • Choose between Time or Stock
  • Time limit or Number of Stock
  • Handicap – give your little brother that upper hand so he thinks he is better than you
  • Damage Ratio – increase or decrease damage for added thrills
  • Stage Choice (e.g., manual or random)
  • Item Switch – change the appearance of any or all items

  • While Group Brawl is great for up to 4 players, chances are you have been in a situation where there have had as many as 8 players wanting to play, and such a large number of players necessitates an often inconsistent method of shuffling players. Given the huge hype for Brawl and its amazing ratings thus far, you will likely be in this situation from the get go (as I expect to be at my friend’s youth group). Fortunately, the makers of the game anticipated this (bless their hearts) and hence created a new mode in Group Brawl called Group Rotation. Some customizable options in Group Rotation include the following:
  • Number of players per match (maybe you only have three controllers)
  • Number of entrants
  • Rotate either winners or losers
  • Number of players rotated after every match (e.g., two winners out)

  • The game can remember each entrant by their name or by a guest number. The latter has the added advantage of recalling individual controller preferences.

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