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totem of pacifism

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" No creature or wizard will attack another within the radius of the totem of pacifism. Creatures will simply stand next to enemies that they have been tasked to attack. "
Alignment: Lawful

good instant defence

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tips and tactics

using totem of pacfism

If your wizard is under attack, creating this totem nearby (or casting it on the wizard portrait) will immediately stop all non-projectile attacks on you.

Creating this totem near a POP that you occupy will stop enemies from being able to attack the creature holding the position, and therefore stop the enemy taking occupation of this valuable resource.

A legitimate attacking tactic is to drop a totem of pacifism next to an enemy wizard, and then attack immediately with a pack of elves or similar projectile wielding troops, while the wizard is unable to defend him/herself.

defeating totem of pacfism

The totem of pacifism has a fixed range of effect, which means that creatures with projectile attacks can stand outside the influence, and fire in.
These projectile-firing creatures can either pick off the enemy in the pacified zone, or destroy the totem itself.

projectile throwing creatures include:

  • dragons
  • dwarf boar riders
  • elves
  • faeries
  • giant spiders and
  • storm giants

  • alternative spell choices

    The totem of pacifism is a defensive weapon, and unique.

    The spell ingredient lapis lazuli can produce the spells:
  • fear,
  • summon minotaur and
  • totem of pacifism.

  • ingredient

    lapis lazuli

    All three spells are completely different, and your choice comes down to your tactics: will you be a defensive wizard, an aggressive wizard, or a summoning wizard? Fear can be effectively wielded to part waves of enemy troops, totem of pacifism can be handy in times of protection of your wizard or important locations, but unless you have the centaurs, minotaurs are an effective troop of choice.

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