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dwarf boar rider

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" Dark Dwarves use cross bows, and ride boars. Dark Dwarves will tend to try and keep out of close combat attack, backing up where necessary."

very tough
very damaging
not undead
picks up
very slow
poor HTH combat

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experience promotions


nothing but 'increased attack and defence stats" :(

lord - "blunderbus"

The lord receives a large Blunderbuss. This has the same range as the crossbow but does an incredible amount of damage. It is a ranged, splash damage weapon, with the possibility of damaging a number of creatures at a time. When a target is hit, units nearby will also receive an amount of damage. The Lord will not attack if allies will be hit.

alternative spell choices

If your particularly after a slow creature, dryads are a slothful alternative.

The spell ingredient zircon can produce the spells:
  • summon dwarf boar rider,
  • teleport and
  • totem of light.

  • ingredient


    Without any other special abilities, the totem of light ofers little more scanner range than many creatures LOS, and although the dwarf boar rider has a comedy edge to most troops, teleport is a real wizard lifeline. No contest.

    Got a dwarf boar rider tactic? let us know!