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Jobs at Temple of Undine

Temple of Undine is often looking for talented people to join the Temple of Undine staff. With our staff working together, Temple of Undine can become the number one Tales series resource on the internet. Staff members gain invaluable experience by being apart of Temple of Undine.


Content Writers
Content Writers are probably our most needed job right now. Tales games are constantly being made, and there are always unexplored features of the games, inadequate coverage, or the lack of guides. Content writers must take information from the games, and put that information into a guide form. Good grammar and spelling is expected, so content writers should make sure to look over the information. Extensive coverage is necessary, such as including statistics as well as locations for weapons, armor, etc. Plagerism from other guides or websites is not tolerated.

Gallery Updaters
Gallery updaters are our media coverage team. Gallery updaters must find screenshots, official artwork, official wallpapers, and other types of media, and upload all of it to the gallery. Logos from other sites should not be on these images. No coding experience is required, and each gallery updater will receive an account for the gallery.

Content Coders
Content coders must have a firm understanding in XHTML and basic knowledge in CSS. Content coders will covert the guides written by the content writers into XHTML, and help fix any coding errors produced by the site's design. Anyone willing to convert content will be hired.

News Reporters
News reporters will update the site with Tales news on a daily basis. Knowledge of XHTML is not required for this job, though it is prefered. News reporters must be dedicated and active, as the news must constantly be updated.

To apply for the staff, please use the contact page.


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