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Temple of Undine began when a boy, who used the alias BluFire, bought the game Tales of Symphonia, after hearing that it was a great role-playing game from a few of his online friends. He debated whether or not to buy it, but ended up taking it home with him. He enjoyed playing Tales of Symphonia so much that he decided to dedicate a site to it.

version 1

With a bit of knowledge of Photoshop and HTML, BluFire created the 1st version of Temple of Undine under T35 hosting. The first design was a bit simplistic, but it got the job done. There was only three pieces of content during the first year of Temple of Undine's existence; a review on Tales of Symphonia, a technique guide, and a weapons guide.

Soon, BluFire began to advertise his site. While advertising on the forum for Golden Sun Village, a former affiliate of Temple of Undine, a girl took a look at the site and decided that she wanted to help BluFire with his site, because she liked Tales of Symphonia, too. This girl took upon the pseudonym WarriorAngel01, the only username she had ever used.

So, WarriorAngel01 was hired, originally as a humorist. However, WarriorAngel01 discovered that she was not funny at all, so she decided to send in some guides. With WarriorAngel01's contributions, the site grew in content. WarriorAngel01 continued to submit guides, while trying to improve her humor at the same time.

A few more months passed, until on the 24th of June 2005, BluFire sent a message to WarriorAngel01. He told her that he was becoming tired of putting up content, and that he was only interested in coding HTML and playing games. So, he told her that he was quiting Temple of Undine. He gave WarriorAngel01 a choice: continue Temple of Undine as the new webmaster, or let him close it down.

version 2

WarriorAngel01 agreed to continue the site, but with the condition that BluFire stay on the staff. He agreed, and Temple of Undine became hers. In celebration of her new status, WarriorAngel01 decided that a new design was in order. So, she recruited a graphic designer by the name of Kaiser to make a new layout. He created a dark layout in contrast of the light layout BluFire made, and it became much more organized as WarriorAngel01 learned how to code.

As Temple of Undine started to expand, WarriorAngel01 decided that a server move was in order, because T35 did not offer enough of what she wanted. So Temple of Undine moved to XMGFree hosting. After a while, XMGFree did not provide enough for Temple of Undine, so WarriorAngel01 decided to move again, this time to Zeeblo. Zeeblo was a great host, and everything went smoothly with them.

version 3

Meanwhile, Kaiser made the 3rd version of Temple of Undine, while WarriorAngel01 coded it. It was very clean, and kept content organized. By now, Temple of Undine had extensive coverage on Tales of Symphonia, though WarriorAngel01 still diligently worked to have complete coverage on it. During December, WarriorAngel01's family went away for a month on vacation, but when she came back, she found out that Zeeblo deleted Temple of Undine, saying that Temple of Undine violated their terms. It was time to find yet another host.

Alexia, the former webmaster of Symphonic Heaven, told WarriorAngel01 that Gamespy had good hosting, and that she could apply for hosting with them, even though they already had a flagship site. WarriorAngel01 applied there, and did not hear from them after two weeks. Giving up, she sought hosting from Pyroman131. He gladly accepted, and offered his services.

version 4

For a while, Temple of Undine was hosted on Pyroman131's domain. In the middle of January, Gamespy responded back, and accepted Temple of Undine to their network. After contacting Pyroman131, Temple of Undine moved to Gamespy, and bid Pyroman University farewell. Deciding it was a good time to change the design, WarriorAngel01 took a chance, and decide that she should make the layout. After working for a month, the 4th version of Temple of Undine was up on the new Gamespy server.

It was around this time that WarriorAngel01 decided that Temple of Undine would cover all the Tales games. Content on Tales of Symphonia was virtually done, and Tales of Legendia and Tales of Phantasia were about to be released in English. The site grew and grew, and became most of what it is today. It was during this time when WarriorAngel01's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, causing WarriorAngel01 to stop updating as frequently.

The 4th version of the site was up for a long time, so WarriorAngel01 decided to replace the old design with something new, darker, and more unique. And so, the 5th version was born. WarriorAngel01 decided to clean up the site, as it was using outdated codes and was very insecure. This brings Temple of Undine to today, where its history is being written at this very moment!


Position: Webmaster/Content Manager
Gender: Female
Location: New Jersey, USA
E-mail: WarriorAngel01[at]gmail.com
AIM: WorriorAngel0959
Favorite game(s): Tales Series, Baten Kaitos series, Golden Sun Series, Zelda Series, Prince of Persia series, Kingdom Hearts series, and all that good stuff.
Favorite Tales character(s): Genis Sage and Chloe Valens
Favorite Color: Blue
Commentary: Well, I'm the person in charge of this place. So if something doesn't work here, it's probably my fault. Anyway, I'm pretty laid-back person, and you won't have any problems with me unless you do stuff I don't like. I like to listen to any kind of music, as long as it isn't dull, repetitive, or has constant swearing. I like to doodle a lot, though I'm terrible at drawing things. I'm a decent graphic designer, and I use GIMP. I can play the piano, though I haven't taken any formal lessons. I can usually solve problems in an efficient way, and I'm pretty systematic when it comes to my work. I can also be a little critical, but I'm generally a nice person outside of my work. Well, that's the most I can stand to write about myself, since it makes me feel boastful and conceited.

Position: Founder/News Poster
Gender: Male
Location: Northern Virginia, USA
E-mail: --
AIM: --
Favorite game(s): Tales of Symphonia, Golden Sun Series, and Fire Emblem
Favorite Tales character(s): Regal Bryant and Raine Sage
Favorite Color: Orange
Commentary: Orange=bliss. Of course, you'd think I'd like the color blue, but it's not. It's orange. Umm... I have no sense of humor, or at least, I can only make people laugh by doing something stupid on accident. I like music, especially Christian music, and I'm an Anberlin fan, sort of, I think, yeah. I'm a moderate independent guy, so I'm not your super liberal/conservative/Democrat/Republican person. I pick the guy who I agree with the most. Spaceballs is the absolute BEST movie ever made, and if you see any quotes under my avatar or in my signature, they are most likely from Spaceballs. If I could be a famous woman, I would be Nicole Kidman... except for that period of her life when she played Isabel in that new Bewitched (Which is a really, really, really, bad movie, DON'T see it, because Will Farrell can't play a dramatic role at all). If I were a Spaceballs character, I'd be Dark Helmet. If I were a Star Wars character, I'd be Yoda, or maybe a Wookie, or an Ewok, and if were an animal, I would be a sloth. Oh, and making websites is fun, even if I have very little talent for it.

Position: Content Writer/Humorist
Gender: Male
Location: The middle of nowhere, USA
E-mail: hinoa4[at]gmail.com
AIM: Jetsam87
Favorite game(s): Tales of Symphonia
Favorite Tales character(s): Lloyd Irving
Favorite Color: Blue--no, red! AAAAAA!!!
Commentary: Well, what else is there to say about me? I run my own website, but that's besides the point. I'm going to the college in the fall, so expect me to be the "amazing disappearing staffer" around then. So, have a nice day, I guess.

Position: Content Writer
Gender: Male
Location: Computer
E-mail: Binary-Core-X[at]hotmail.com or Expiatio[at]hotmail.com
AIM: binarycorex
Favorite game(s): Tales of series, Suikoden, and Metal Gear Solid
Favorite Tales character(s): Reid Hershel and Max
Favorite Color: White and grey
Commentary: Uh well, not much to say. I do a lot of stuff on computers, I like watching anime, playing games and that's about it!


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