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People who have donated content to Temple of Undine thus far include Neptune for the Overlimit Secrets guide for the Tales of Symphonia section. Thanks to Pyroman131 of Pyroman University for helping Temple of Undine to get back on track after the site was deleted. Finality has helped tremendously over the past few years. Alexia, the former webmaster of Symphonic Heaven, helped Temple of Undine to move to the Gamespy server, as well as giving advice along the way. The current webmaster, Soshite, has given advice to us as well. Toomuchfreetime, the webmaster of Raijinken, has given advice towards the 5th version of Temple of Undine. Finally, thanks to all the visitors to Temple of Undine, who continue to make this site better!


Temple of Undine is an unofficial site made by fans, and is not directly related to any of the companies mentioned on this site nor their affiliates. Temple of Undine is a non-profit site and does not charge money for any of its features. Temple of Undine does not intend to infringe on any of the copyrights of the companies mentioned, nor represent their personal feelings, goals, or thoughts in any way. All trademarks and names are the property of their respective owners.

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