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Want to affiliate?

Temple of Undine is currently offering to associate with any sites made by fans. By affiliating with Temple of Undine, the site will be listed among other affiliates. Temple of Undine does not have different ranks for our partners, and we will not put negative critique about the site here.

Of course, refusal of affiliation may happen, but usually only if the site is too undeveloped. Please make sure that the site meets all, or at least most, of the requirements. We can always make exceptions, so do not be afraid to ask.


Temple of Undine has a few which we would like followed at all times. Please note that exceptions can be made for some, though not all, requirements.

  • The site should have a decent design. If we can not navigate easily through the site, then it does not have a decent layout.
  • No pornography, hentai, warez, or other illegal material on the site. No exceptions.
  • The site must under a PG or PG-13 rating. Foul language should not be used.
  • No forum-only affiliates. There must be a site in addition to the forum.
  • No Internet slang or shorthands, such as "u", "y", "lol", and so on, should be used on the site.
  • The site must be updated frequently and it must be active. If it is not updated after a few months, it is inactive.
  • The site must be written in html, php, or some other kind of coding. No site-building programs such as Freewebs.
  • The site has a nice webmaster! We do not stubborn webmasters who do not care about their members, staff, or site at all.
  • The site must also have a nice staff, if any. None of the staff should be rude, criticize other sites or members harshly, or be generally crude. Neither the webmaster nor the staff should be insulting.
  • The webmaster and/or staff must be active their community. If all the staff does is tell members when they are doing something wrong, it give the impression that they are not fun and not interactive.
  • The site must be online for at least three or four months. This gives enough time for us to judge whether or not the site will be a flop, or successful.
  • The site should not have too many advertisements. A few advertisements are fine, just not too many.
  • The site must have at least twenty pages of content. If the staff procrastinates and does not have anything to offer, do not apply.
  • We reserve the right to delete any affiliate without warning. If you wish to affiliate with the site again, follow the same procedure the last time you affiliated with the site.

Link to us

Temple of Undine offers site buttons to those who want to put them on their site. Do NOT hotlink. Bring them over to the site's server and use them! This rule will be strictly enforced.

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To request affiliation, please use the contact page.


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