S T R I D E R - O T A K U --HISTORY--  




 This section of the page is dedicated to the history and evolution of the Strider-Otaku home page. It has had many faces and hosts thoughout it's life, but one thing stays the same, Strider is forever.


Ticnet.com is dead, and gone... GOOD! Actually I moved, but that host sucked! Classicgaming.com has been kind enough to host us from now on, and I don't think Strider could have a better home. This page will live on and be updated more often (Yes we have heard that before!) Flash will become a more interagal part of the page over the next few transition periods, Let me know what you think.


The Strider site started back in 1996 as an after thought to my main page, GNI, which was dedicated to my digital art. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of creating a entire page devoted to Strider, so I did it. A few months later the main GNI site was turned into the first Strider site. The site was hosted by Aloha.net in Hawaii. Later the site moved to GTE Hawaii and began to grow even more. In the move over to GTE the GNI site was shut down and I concentrated all free time to the Strider site. In 1997 the site was moved, once again, to another server. This time it was IBM.net. It was here that the Strider site turned into the 'Official, Unofficial Strider home page'. A rather long name if I do say so. It was also on IBM that the site took on the form known to most of the loyal viewers and the Strider Army. The site was up for a year and a half and was updated at a constant rate, that is until I moved to Dallas to go to art school. Many people felt that  I needed to update a little more and that the site was being neglected. It was true, I lost interest in the site and let it rot away. I updated some, but not as much as I should have and I neglected the Strider Army as well.  A few months back I posted a note on the updates page that the site was going to be overhauled soon and that got a little attention. Time passed and nothing happened, I updated some graphics and put up a few pictures of Strider 2... then nothing.  A few people understood the pressure of school and felt it was fine, but I did not want the site to fall. So this is the reason behind the 'rebirth' of the site. The new name, "Strider-Otaku" Seemed very fitting. For those who do not know what otaku is here is a little something on it.  Otaku is a Japanese word for freak, fanatic, and I believe a type of oven or space heater as well, but Fanatic seemed to fit well. I hope you will all enjoy the new page, Thank you.
-Director Michael Varley

It all started in the winter of 1989 when Capcom brought out a game for its new system 1 board (which later on went to be used by the Street Fighter 2 series) Strider hit the arcade scene with a bang.  It was one of the most played games in the arcade at the time. It lasted in the top 10 for 2 years and finally, dwindled down. It will however live on in legend, and this page.

On a down side, a one Kevin Williams, brought to my attention the reason that the Super Grafx version was never finished. Below is and email I received from him (in part) 

       "The game was originally developed as the 4th game on the CP System from Capcom, and became a mega hit, but at that time Capcom was turning to R&D / consumer platform development and the games programmer was directed straight into the SuperGrafx version after that Sega Genesis version. The NEC management pressured the programmer intensely to make a 'better-than-arcade'  version for the system, and sadly the young man cracked under the strain. The version was canceled following the hospitalization of the individual. I was glad to see the screen shots you had, and only wish that Capcom would release his name (or any names of their developers), so that he could be respected for such a fantastic game. But the interesting point is that Strider has made two additional arcade appearances recently. In Street Fighter Alpha 2 the Strider Hiryu character holding a teddy bear is on  a poster in the back of Ken's bed-room (a homage to the lost programmer by the team). A second appearance is in Marvel Vs. Capcom fighting game with Hiryu a selectable character to fight with." 

                                                               Thank you Kevin!