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Splinter Cell Weapons
5.56mm SC-20K AR
The bull pup configuration of this assault rifle makes it light and compact without sacrificing firepower (5.56x45mm ss109). Its modular configuration allows it to be customized to fit any mission profile. Equipped with a flash/sound suppresser and combined with a multipurpose launcher, the 5.56mm SC-20K ARbecomes the obvious choice of weaponry for Sam when infiltrating enemy territory.
Note: Because of the more overt nature of the 5.56mm SC-20K AR, it will only be acquired after a few missions-when the situation requires itů
Sniper Mode: Sniper mode is only available with the 5.56mm SC-20K AR
Ring Airfoil Projectile
A high-impact, zero penetration projectile designed to incapacitate rather than kill.
Note: The Ring Airfoil is much more effective if it hits the head.
Gas Grenade
Standard CS (0-chlorobenzalmalononitrile) Gas canister grenade can incapacitate groups of enemies. Exposure to CS Gas causes violent respiratory seizure. Prolonged exposure causes unconsciousness.
5.72mm SC Pistol
The 5.72mm SC Pistol tactical model with single-action trigger and a 20-round magazine comes equipped with a silencer/flash suppressor. Its 5.72mm SC Pistol rounds offer good penetration against modern body armor, while keeping the weapons' weight, dimensions, and recoil at reasonable levels.
Wall Mine
The Wall Mine is a motion-sensitive explosive device that can be attached to almost any surface.
Frag grenade
The 14-oz M67 fragmentation grenade consists of a 2.5" steel sphere surrounding 6.5 ounces of high explosive. Upon detonation, the steel sphere shatters, emitting a burst of high velocity shrapnel.