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Saturday, 10 May, 2003
Features & FAQ 5 Comments
Posted By: BlazerRotare
Maverick has just completed the FAQ and Features list for Splinter Cell. You can check them out by clicking here for Features and here for FAQ. I am sorting out the posting permissions and I will be able to add multiple users to the news syster so several people will be able to post news.

Gamecube Screenshots 6 Comments
Posted By: BlazerRotare
I have added 5 news Gamecube screenshots to our archives courtesy of SplinterCell.com. You can view them in the Gamecube screenshots archive.

Friday, 9 May, 2003
MMGN Review 3 Comments
Posted By: BlazerRotare
MMGN, or the Miss Match Gaming Network, (try saying that when your drunk) have released their review of Splinter Cell. The review was written by MMGN's Theon and you can read it here. The jolly chaps at MMGN gave it 9/10 aswell. Good show.

Thursday, 8 May, 2003
SCHQ Forums Back Online 6 Comments
Posted By: BlazerRotare
After about 2 weeks of absence the Splinter Cell HQ forums are back online with a shiney new logo. Now that the forums are back I'm sure that you can expect more new, fresh and original content from the SCHQ team. You can visit the site by clicking here and you can reach the forums by clicking here.

SplinterCell.Modstack.com 3 Comments
Posted By: BlazerRotare
SplinterCell.Modstack.com has an excelent new design with and revised content. You can reach the site here. Yout can reach the forums here.

Wednesday, 7 May, 2003
Splinter Cell Reactor 20 Comments
Posted By: BlazerRotare
I would like to start by apologising to everyone who has attempted to download content from the site over the course of the last few days. I am slowly uploading the 200 odd megabytes that make up the files and media within the walls of this site. By this weekend everything will be back to normal and since we have our news online the site feels alot more active. The site would not be possible without the 3DActionplanet team who have given me constant support in getting this site online and active. Anyway, I will announce any new news as it materialises.