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Tips & Tricks
Note control functions noted below are for PS2, I'm sure you can find the relevant button on your console or PC.

  • You can change your SC-20K rate of fire by pressing the L3 button.

  • When in sniper mode, use your L1 button to hold your breath for a more accurate shot.

  • Head shots are a instant kill.

  • Cameras detect you more quickly the faster you are moving.

  • A rolling maneuver allows Sam to pass through flames without recieving damage.

  • Shooting around corners with your back to the wall makes you a harder target.

  • Drop attacks are effective and silent.

  • Frequently Check your different vision modes; you might see something you couldn't see before.

  • Barrels containing explosive or flammable liquids can be very useful...(boomsha)

  • Think twice. Act once. Even a lone guard can be a serious threat once alerted to your presence.

  • Rolling is effective way to reduce your profile when moving from cover to cover.

  • Saving equipment is pointless as you are reequiped between missions. Use what you have.

  • Engaging multiple enemies is extremely dangerous. Tilt the odds in your favour with traps, explosives, and other gadgets.

  • Enemies can notice lights or cameras that have been broken and can see objects thrown though the air.

  • Dogs can smell you (take a bath, you smelly...). Shadows won't help you against them. Use obstacles or water to delay or lose them.

  • Thermal vision can allow you to see through some thin or lightweight materials.

  • Knocking out an enemy is always quiter than killing him...and nearby enemies will hear the dying gasps of comrades.

  • If an enemy finds an unconscious comrade, he will revive him. So hide those bodies!

  • Enemies might hesitate if you are holding one of their friends as a human shield and are not pointing your weapon at them.

  • Not all NPCs can be forced to cooperate. Only colonels can open retinal scanners and Technicians can operate computers.

  • You can break lights to create your own shadow paths to hide and move in.

  • Frequently check updates to Goals, Notes, and Data by pressing the Start Button on your OPSAT. Read those Data Sticks for clues and other useful info.