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GIA Training Center
In the training course, there's one secret (easter egg) that's easy to find. After you finish the looking around at the pretty red lights, immediately run to your right, and jump off the back wall on to the right wall's ledge. There will be an unlocked door which you should open. It's dark in the room, but there's a light switch to the right. Look around and you'll see a storage rack. Grab the lockpicks that are on the rack and get to the end of the training course.
Leap off the back wall on to the ledge.
You'll find a door. It's not locked.
Behind that door is a storage room.
There's lockpicks on the storage rack.

Proceed to finish the course.
At the end of the course, you'll find a locked door.

Use your lockpicks on the door.
Access the computer and read the data.
Return to the start of the course.
Leap off the wall onto the ledge.
This room requires a keypad code which you will have obtained from the computer at the end of the course.