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Jumpman Sequels

Randy Glover's Jumpman 2 (PC)

Status: Dead

Website: www.jumpman2.com is no longer active

Jumpman Zero PC (PC)

Status: Public Beta (download from website)

Website: www.jumpmanzero.com

Jumpman Zero (PalmOS)

Status: Released 2001 (download from website)

Website: www.jumpmanzero.com

Jumpman - Under Construction (PC)

Status: Public Beta (download from website)

Website: members.iinet.net.au/~cleathley/jumpman/index.html

Jumpman Project (extended PC port)

Status: Version 1.0 Released 2003 (download from website)

Website: www.oldskool.org/pc/jumpman

Classic Jumpman (Port of the original to the PC)

Status: Complete 2001 (download from website)

Website: www.icfs.de/english/jumpman.html

Problems with "Freeze"? - download this version (286K)

Jumpman: 2049 (PC)

Status: Early Development

Website: www.midnightryder.com

Developer diary on garagegames.com [direct link]

Jumpman Lives! (PC)

Status: Discontinued 1991 - Download HERE (125K)

Source code available for download HERE (916K)

Website: N/A

Junkman Junior (TI-99/4A)

Status: Download here (external link)

Website: N/A (Local review here)

Jumpman Deluxe (Amiga)

Status: Download HERE (518K)

(Windows Amiga emulator available here)

Website: N/A (Local review here)

Jumpman Downloads

Jumpman Lives! and Classic Jumpman Installer for Windows. Just unzip, right click on JUMP.INF and select "Install" to get both the 1983 original and the 1991 knock-off. 380K. (No registry changes.)

Khaine's Level Packs 1 - 18 for Jumpman Lives! - 18 level packs (10 levels each) of genius, 174K.

Cobra1's Danger Zone: The Tower for Jumpman Under Construction, 248K.

Cobra1's Figurit3 for Jumpman Under Construction, 180K.

2003 Level Design Competition Entries - level pack for Jumpman Lives! (7 levels) from the level design competition help on the Jumpman Lounge in early 2003, including competition winner Dodge 'Em, 8K.

Ella's Tribute to Randy Glover and a pack of 9 more levels for Jumpman Lives.

Jumpman Lives Original Instructions, Hints, Tips and Cheat Mode pamphlet

Jumpman Windows Icons

Jumpman 3D Wallpaper, courtesy of Jumpman Zero programmer Dave Campbell

Really cool Jumpman Movie Wallpaper, courtesy of Khaine. No, it's not real.

A Jumpman advertisement, scanned from a 1984 computing magazine.

The above Jumpman ad, rejigged for use as a Windows desktop background - 800x600 or 1024x768.

Source code and the executable of Steve Hanov's interesting but very limited QBasic Jumpman.

The original Jumpman C64 Manual Front Page (40K image), which is much uglier than you remember.

The original Jumpman Junior C64 Manual Front Page (60K image), which is also surprisingly hideous.

Original Jumpman C64 instructions in text format

Jumpman Links


The Epyx Shrine has a big section on Jumpman including a strategy guide, high score competition and interviews with Randy Glover and others. It's a great site and must be visited.


Lon Matero's Apogee Page has a fair bit of Jumpman Lives! info and a stack of Jumpman Lives! levels to download and play.


Raptisoft.com has an excellent web-based Jumpman clone, named Hap Hazard.


Retro-Remakes is a comprehensive database of remakes of classic games, including Jumpman. Included in its Jumpman section is a copy of the original C64 ROM image.


OldSkool.org is a great resource for people trying to run games on obsolete machines. There is also the best guide that I know of on how to run old PC games (like Jumpman Lives) on today's machines in the "Guides" section.


This excellent article at Armchair Arcade, an online retrogaming magazine, compares Jumpman to its immediate descendants - Spulenker, Ultimate Wizard and Pharaoh's Curse.


The Ultimate Wizard Website is the home of all things Wizard - a Jumpman clone for the C64 (released in 1986) with lots of extra features and stacks of levels.


Lemon64 is a great Commodore 64 game database. Look here for reviews, music and images from Jumpman and Jumpman Jr C64.


Atari Magazines contains a whole heap of old computing magazines transcribed into HTML format. There is a "Mastering Jumpman" guide in the January 1984 issue of Creative Computing.


Randy Glover's personal website.


ClassicGaming.com hosts this site and has all sorts of goodness.

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