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27 March 2001

Big thanks to Kevin for this review. Like most sane people, he's not a big fan of spam so if you want to bother him, then mail me and I'll pass it on. I love spam. Kevin's review is not particularly positive but that's what opinions are for. I think he's being fair. For the record, I haven't played it but Manuel of The Epyx Shrine has and he thought it was good.

For those of you with Windows machines, you will need the Jumpman Deluxe & Jumpman Jr. ADF file (thanks to Manuel) and WinUAE, which is an Amiga emulator. Anyone non-Windows interested in playing will need an emulator for their OS. Please feel free to bother me if you have any questions. Cheers - Matty

jd-1.gif - 7K

Well, Jumpman Deluxe is not a commercial quality game.

It would be nice if I could say that this was the version of Jumpman Randy Glover always dreamed of and that it has a host of new ideas that could be used in Jumpman 2049. It's really only a good Jumpman alternative if you have an Amiga. Those running Amiga games under UAE on Windows (probably with somewhat illegal copies of kickstart ROMs and the like) would probably be better off running Classic Jumpman or even Jumpman Lives!. Oh well...

Having said all that, the sound on Jumpman Deluxe is great, and the graphics are good too. It's important to keep in mind that it's a Jumpman clone rather than an authentic Jumpman experience - it's slower and there are no sloping platforms (refer screenshots). The control has been altered to the point that Jumpman can turn around in mid-jump. The puzzles are different too - there are no bomb-triggered booby traps for example. The new time-triggered platforms are pretty cool. What's left is a pretty good Amiga platformer that lacks the polish of a commercial game.

Matty's note - the next paragraph was written with this LHA file containing Jumpman Deluxe in mind. The file linked at the top of this review is an ADF file of both Jumpman Deluxe and Jumpman Jr. You will only need an emulator (ie WinUAE) if you use the ADF file. Questions? Mail me.

It actually isn't too hard to get Jumpman Deluxe running under UAE. All you have to do is download WinUAE (WinUAE website http://codepoet.com/UAE/), Amiga in a Box (http://aiab.emuunlim.com) and a Workbench ADF file, which is a little more difficult to track down... (Just search for "workbench adf download" on Google and you should find one in ten minutes or less.) Then just copy the Jumpman Deluxe LHA to the WinUAE\Harddrives\HD-Games directory, start up WinUAE, and the rest isn't too hard to figure out. (Just remember to change the Amiga Mouse Port 1 setting to Keyboard Layout B: cursor keys and right ctrl key.)

jd-2.gif - 6K

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